Saturday, September 17, 2011

Siena, Tuscany

Hi everyone!
So many days without posting.. it's been a full time study week, and the whole month of September will be like this, I fear. But I hope I will be able to show you some new minis soon.   : )
I decided to share a few pics I took some time ago in the beautiful, stunning town of Siena ("a city of peace with a spot of equine anarchy", I remember the quote but not the author  ^_^' )
I wish I could still be there, instead of being stuck at home with all of my books&notes.. : )
Wish you all a nice weekend! 


  1. Che foto meravigliose!

  2. Beautiful photos, mijbil! Sorry about the books! :-(

  3. I've been there once with my bf, what a wonderful place! :) nice pics too

  4. Gorgeous photo's I had a fabulous time in Italy in 2009, Cinque Terre and Venice were my favourite places.

  5. Many thanks @Eliana!

    @Jennifer thank you so much for your support!

    @Janet you're right! the food is gorgeous too :)

    @Kelly I'm from Venice, and totally agree with you :D

  6. Siena es una ciudad preciosa, es una maravilla perderse en ella, pasear, ver las cosas con calma, disfrutar de ella y de la gente... Y comer :-) Que también es otra maravilla allí. Me trae unos recuerdos fantásticos.
    Gracias por poner las fotos.
    Un beso.

  7. @Maru gracias, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con usted (hope this makes some sense in Spanish :D )