Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hydromel Love Potion

Not my usual kind of miniature, this time..   : )
I used an old piece of wood to create a vintage looking tiny bottle. Hydromel is a very ancient liquor - it is obtained from honey fermentation - and it is so sweet and deliciuos that it was often considered as the Gods beverage.
I like it so much, but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find where I live. I'll probably soon be brewing my own, but at the moment I only have this tiny pendant  : )

The tag design is my own, it is supposed to look a bit Art Nouveau inspired, but I'm not sure I got the right effect. Still, I find it cute! 
Are there other mead lovers here?   : )


  1. Una mini poción de amor!
    Un abrazo

  2. Que bonita botella!!!! Ü
    Me gusta mucho tu blog !! Ya soy tu seguidora ( ;
    Un abrazo

  3. I love your little potion bottle, mijbil! Are you going to use the potion on someone special? ;-)

  4. You have done this from wood???!!! I cann't believe. And the tag is absolutly great.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. You are full of bright and wonderful ideas! I love this bottle and the tag is great!

  6. @Jennifer my bf still seems to be head over heels with me, at the moment, so I think I'll keep this potion for the future ;)

    @Craftland actually I only cut off the upper part of an old piece of wood I had, I did not carve anything :D