Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi there!  : )

You might have noticed that today is December the first, which just means that Christmas is coming very soon!
I still keep many traditions alive, such as the advent calendar, and I already started decoring my room - not the entire house, as my flatmates seem to disagree a bit  : )

My purpose is to write a post a day from now to Christmas Eve, at least some nice pics or a quick tip.. and tomorrow there will be a new tutorial too.
Will I be able to manage this?
Actually, I'n not so sure.. but I'll be very thankful to anyone who wants to follow me day by day  : )

And what about you? Have you already started to prepare for Christmas?


  1. You'd better take care about your friends, that's the real spirit of Christmas :(

  2. Actually, I do :) you should know well :P

  3. I love that teeny tiny cupcake! I haven't decorated my house yet. It just involves a tabletop fake tree, so it is very simple. However, in the miniature world, I have a tree for my Victorian dollhouse too, and I'm trying to get my mini shabby chic cottage ready for a white Christmas tree that I won in a giveaway. I didn't realize I was so busy! :-) I look forward to your posts, mijbil!

  4. non me lo ricordare che natale è vicino... sono troppo indietro! il tuo piccolo goloso è una meraviglia!!!!

  5. @Jennifer my Christmas tree is a very small fake one too, this year, but I'll get back to my parents'home to decorate their own too :D
    But the miniature world needs decorations too, you're so right! Hope you have fun! :)

  6. @airali grazie! anch'io io realtà sono in ritardo terribile, e *quindi* mi son messa in testa 'sta cosa del 'one post a day'..sono astutissima come al solito! :D

  7. I'm sorry that you are sick too :( Get well soon!! :)
    And thanks I would love to find cookies too when coming to you ;D hehe. I don't mind a mess at all, I'm very chaotic myself, so no problems about that :)

    Take care of yourself and get well soon!

  8. I'll wait every day.
    Hugs from Craftland