Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tiny elephant in a bottle

Yesterday I promised you an even tinier ellie, right?  
So, here he is!  : )

Just a quarter of an inch - 6 mm, hat included - but still as detailed as his "larger" friends.
He's one of my favourite tiny creations ever, I find his miniature trunk so funny and cute!  : )

Not to loose him, I put him into a miniature glass bottle, over a thin layer of crystal snow and under a silk red bow. 
Christmas is in the air, and this tiny ellie is the perfect little friend to wear during next holydays!  

He's available for adoption here. Hope you like him!  : )


  1. Ti ho sempre detto che hai sbagliato lavoro.....

  2. @Cerchio Fatato grazie mille! :)

    @anonimo ciao! chi sei? adesso sono curiosa.. ;)

  3. A distanza di un anno ripeto il mio pensiero... Hai sbagliato lavoro.....

  4. A giudicare dal successo e dalla qualità in continuo miglioramento delle tue creazioni avevo proprio ragione!!!