Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Big Big New Year

2011 has been an incredibly frenetic, busy and thrilling year for me. 

At first, I used to consider my work as an artisan just like a little hobby, and it seemed nice to share it here with you.
I was absolutely overwhelmed by the unexpected interest in my miniatures - my Etsy shop reached about 30.000 views last month, I still can not believe it - and right now I'm affording a moment of great indecision about the next steps to be taken.

I still do not know which is going to be the future of this activity - nor mine  : ) 
but I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support in this adventure.. 

Wish you the happiest New Year, may 2012 bring you a lot of luck, joy and happiness.
Thank you all!

Warm wishes,


PS: aren't these micro critters a nice way to start the new year?  ; P


  1. ooohhh... es muy impresionante tu trabajo, tan milimétrico y preciso, me encantan tus animales bebé. Espero sigas trabajando en esto, que es una preciosidad.
    Cariños desde Chile
    Naty de Villa Caramelo ♥

  2. La tua precisione è veramente incredibile...bravissima!!