Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage inspiration

This little pendant differs a bit from my usual kawaii style.
I'm not really an expert in scuplting tiny roses and leaves, but I liked so much this pale shade of burgundy polyclay that I definitely had to try! And in the end I like the final effect, as the romantic allure of the roses makes a good match with the tiny key charm.. what do you think about this combination? : )

(and yes, that's me in the pic, wearing one of my fav silk blouses  ^_^  )

(the pendant is available here)


  1. Es tan hermoso! Aunque no sea tu "especialidad"
    Un abrazo

  2. Great pendant and original idea!

  3. How beautiful! Another of your wonderful creations.

  4. Romanticissimo questo pendente!!!!
    Una piccola chiave che riesce ad aprire l'anima di chi la indosserà...
    la tua camicia è frivolosamente bella!!!!

  5. Many thanks! :D

    @Civetta grazie! :) anche se il mio look quotidiano è parecchio più "casual" di così ;)