Saturday, March 24, 2012

The candy line

Do you ever feel the need to try something completely different from your usual style?
I do, and it was the case of these little jewelry pieces.. a lot of tiny scales, several pastel shades, basic chubby shapes and a candy-like final look. : )
The first feedback I got about them wasn't very nice - it was from my mum, who actually saw them in pics and didn't like them at all. Still, I enjoyed so much making them that I decided to go on with this kind of design.. at the moment, the colorful bracelet has already found a new owner, while the tiny brooches had a quite good welcome on Etsy too. : )
I really hope to be able to make more of them.. just can't get tired of mixing different polyclay colours to see which shades I'm going to get!  :D

This is also the first springtime weekend, so I wish you all to spend it in the funniest way!
Big hugs,



  1. Your work is gorgeous!! I love the little bunny with the bow, she is so cute!!!
    Vicky xxxx

  2. Hai fatto bene a provare qualcosa di nuovo....sono bellissime!!mi piacciono soprattutto per le scale di colore che hai usato...belle mijbil!

  3. Many thanks Vicky!

    Grazie Ilaria, mia madre invece ha candidamente ammesso che le trova orrende :D