Friday, March 2, 2012

A wooden fairy

I've been working on this little doll for quite a long time.
Her wooden body was originally a small art mannequin.
I replaced her head and hands with handsculpted polyclay ones, while she still has her original wooden feet.
I painted her with acrylic paints, glazed her eyes to make them brighter, and added soft woolen hair.. what do you think about the result?

This post is actually just a preview - more exactly, a collection of pics of the making of process. The dollie now has a complete outfit and even a tiny gnome to keep her company (you can spot him in the last pic)..
 tomorrow I will publish the rest of the pics!  : )


  1. oh-I think she is brilliant! What a good idea- and she is so pretty too-love her little gnome :) Will you be busy making her some new outfits now? :)

  2. Thanks Kim! :)
    Actually, she already has a tiny fairy outfit.. I' going to publish it very soon! :)