Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter DIY tutorials - Part 1

Just five days to Easter, a huge lot of wonderful DIY projects and no time at all to let them come to life.. I think I won't be able to do much for Easter this year, but at least I hope that you will enjoy all of these gorgeous ideas! : )

(The bunny cupcakes above are from One Charming Party, and here you can download the bunny ears)

These adorable sheep cookies are from Sweetopia. The tutorial can be found here, along with bunny and 
mushroom shaped cookies!

Ballerinas ain't properly an Easter theme, but thanks to their light pastel shade and super cuteness they deserved a link here! : )   (from Cake Journal )

And what about some egg-shaped macarons? The full recipe is from Yummymummy.

Just a few other cookie inspirations: the lovely icing nests of  Pennies on a Platter..

..some romantic cupcakes from I spy with my salad eyes..

..and the sweetest chick sugared almond, of which I couldn't find a source.

No more food, but flowers decorations now! : )

I'm totally in love with the succulent garden DIY from RoyJoy..

and with the simple, romantic eggs from A daily something..

..while I found this easy and scenografic arrangement on Attention2detail..

..these colorful egg planters on Craft Passion..

..and the cutest butterfly napkin rings on ellinée.

That's all for today, but tomorrow you will find the sewing, egg decoration and festive tags chapters!
Hope you will have fun with this! :D


  1. Ciao!hai trovato delle foto bellissime...a me piacciono un sacco i pulcini azzurrini-confetto! Ps: ti ricordi la borsa che avevi visto in anteprima del mio blog? l'ho finita (e ne ho anche una di nuova se è x quello...)...ti invito a darle un'occhiata nel mio blog:-) baci Ilaria

  2. Thank you very much for all these wonderful ideas and links. Looking forward to tomorrows ideas :)
    Hugs Maria