Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new girl in town

The poor girl arrived a couple weeks ago, but despite the fact that I am totally fond of her, I was unable to find the time to properly take care of her. 
Please welcome my lovely Pukifee Flora, which happens to be my very first resin doll.
Ain't she cute? ^_^

She's very photogenic - she's wearing a Sylvanian Families dress (from Grandma's Originals) which is way too small for her, but she still looks so sweet and charming! : )

I took there pics in a great hurry, and now I hope I will find the time to treat my new girl a little bit more. I have great plans for her! :D

By the way, the shop is back, and there will be news and updates very soon, so stay around, I will be right back! : )