Sunday, May 13, 2012

The fairy ring

This miniature art ring is currently one of the most complex projects I ever worked on, the final result of many, many hours of work.
The tiny fairy is just 5/8 of an inch in height, but still so cute and detailed. 
Both the background plants and the tiny flower crown have been carefully handmade by me. Each white blossom is less than half an eight of an inch..more or less like a sugar grain!

The pixie has been handpainted with acrylic paints, and the intricate design of her wings has been enhanced with both golden paint and iridescent powder. Her eyes have been glazed for protection, giving her a more realistic appearence. 

I am so fond of the final result! : ) But a bit sad that - as often happens - my compact digital camera was definitely not enough powerful to catch every tiny detail of this fairy.. maybe it's time that I get a new one? :D



  1. mi lasci sempre a bocca aperta! e se, come scrivi tu, dalle foto non si vedono degnamente tutti i dettagli allora non voglio immaginare la mia reazione nel guardare queste meraviglie dal vivo!

  2. Wow. It´sooo cute. I belive it was a lot of work.
    The fairy ring is fantasic. The details are great.

  3. Wow your fairy ring is amazing. Beautiful perfect details. Wonderful wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Hi Mijbil,
    this is really a fantastic work - so much details on so tiny piece!:)

  5. fantastico!!! uno degli anelli più delicati e affascinanti che abbia mai visto!!!!!! la ghirlanda della fatina è incantevole.

  6. Cette fée est absolument magnifique tout comme les éléphants, le cochon, les souris à macarons et petites fées.
    Je suis très admirative de la finesse de ton travail.

  7. @airali sei troppo buona! :) e io vorrei avere metà del tuo talento con l'uncinetto! :)

    @Melanie, Maria, Ina thank you so much! :D

  8. @Civetta grazie, ci ho perso gli occhi su quella ghirlanda :)

    @Cynthia merci beaucoup! :)

  9. accidenti che precisione! sono sbalordita! anche per le dimensioni ridottissime, complimenti! grazie per la tua visita sul mio blog!