Thursday, June 14, 2012

Artisans I love: Danielle from HandyMaiden

Have you already met the gorgeous pet totems from HandyMaiden?

I am absolutely in love with her recent Stellar collection (you can see her adorable fox in the pic above), but all of her tiny, detailed animals are super cute, and her Etsy shop is definitely worth a visit. Plus, it's funny, as you can find the most brilliant creations (and titles), from the Meritorious Pig

to the Seals of approval! : )

One last thing, I obviously do not earn anything from showing here the work of other artists. The whole "Artisans I love" series only aims to share with my readers the talent of people I admire, and I do not receive money nor benefits from them. 
I just love the idea of promoting handmade creations that captured my attention, with the genuine hope of inspiring other people as well. 
In some cases, I am a happy customer of the artisan I write about, in other cases I am also a friend. Sometimes - and this is the case of Danielle - I am just a secret admirer. : ) 
Hope you will love her work too! : )


  1. what adorable and beautiful work! I am glad I visited your blog today- I'm off to look at her etsy shop. I am in LOVE with those seals of approval!! Have a wonderful day ♥

  2. Agrade├žo por compartilhar o lindo trabalho de Danielle.

  3. Her work is beautiful. Her seals of approval are wonderful and I love her birds.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thank you for the link. Danielle's work is fantastic.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. ma come cavolo fai?? Sei bravissima! Complimenti! <3