Monday, June 11, 2012

The unexpected fair

This weekend a beautiful historical reenactement took place in our city. Many actors and musicians gave brought back to life the 14th century routine, with the most detailed costumes, tools and stands. We spent an awesome day wandering around the historical market, and I got myself some delicious honey and hazelnut cream, homemade mead and a butterfly leather mask (you can see me in one of the pics below, wearing a white dress that made me look a bit like a Renaissance girl, the only problem being that I dress like that quite often in my everyday life :D). 
Moreover, since we live in the old city center, we were lucky enough to see the parade passing right under our windows, which was quite exciting - there were horses, falconers, warriors and jugglers. It was overall a lovely experience, and sometimes I wonder why I need things to happen right under my nose to enjoy them. I definitely need to get out more often! : )


  1. Oh, I didn´t know you, how couldn´t I! Wonderful post about Venice, I love that city, I was there once and enjoyed every second, how lucky you are. I love Medieval market and clothes... love this post. I´ve been seeing your wonderful work, what a lovely lovely piggies, and those amazing and so magic rings full of fairies and dragons... Beautiful work, beautiful blog!

  2. Dear Blanca, thank you so much for your sweet message! :) Actually, the pics were taken in Padua, a city in the mainland not far from Venice. The architecture is similar, since the two cities grow together (and were often rivals during the Renaissance). I am happy to hear that you had the chance to visit my hometown and to enjoy it, I hope you will come back cometime! :)

  3. ma che meraviglia! fai delle splendide foto!

  4. What a colorful street fair. Thank you for sharing to photos.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Una fiesta muy linda!
    Me encanta ver fotos de otros países y conocer...
    Gracias por compartir
    Un abrazo

  6. Preciosa fiesta.
    Amo esa ciudad
    Estuve seis veces y no descarto otras más
    Hermosas fotos y muy gráficas

  7. Thanks for sharing the fantsic photos.

  8. Thank you very much for sharing this medieval fair! Is great! hugs

  9. Wow, so beautiful, thank you for sharing Mijbil :)

  10. Sei anche fotografa, allora!! Complimenti ^^

  11. @perlinavichinga grazie! io adoro le tue dal Giappone!

    @Byakko ma va, sono una dilettante allo sbaraglio :D

    Thank you all for your sweet comments, I am so happy that you like my pics! :)