Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild berries

Northern autumn is definitely a burst of colour, and I like so much the huge variety of wild berries that can be found all around our place. Today I picked a few, and shot a few pics before arranging them in a miniature vase. Their bright shades are just perfect to balance the rainy weather outside! : )

Wish you all a lovely, cozy autumn Sunday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Swedish life

Sorry for not posting many pics of my work. The truth is I'm still waiting for my tools and supplies to arrive from Italy - but a couple days ago I finally bought a new electric oven to bake my creations! : )

Hope you'll enjoy these pics from my everyday life here in Sweden. The place is actually much more beautiful in real life, but I'm certainly not a professional photographer, and all the pics have been taken with my usual, compact digital camera.

Things I love about being here:
1) Living in the middle of a lovely park, where everyone can pick free apples and blackberries! : )

2) The most adorable and kind neighbors, who help us a lot, are always there for some nice chatting, and sometimes provide gorgeous homemade desserts ;D

3) Swedish endless passion for delicious cakes and hot tea

4) Finally having my own kitchen, where I can experiment some (basic) meals - here you can see some baked salmon and a cookie attempt : )

5) The chilly autumn breeze, the red leaves and the awesome sunsets.
Wish you all a lovely week! : )

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artisans I love: Yeo Mei Ying from Evangelione

For quite a long time I have been planning a post about the fabulous work of Yeo Mei Ying from Evangelione.
Her amazing creatures feature both a romantic, vintage-looking allure and a modern, minimal design.
And I find it really impossible to decide which ones are cuter, her fashionable fabric dolls or her sweet white bunnies. Or maybe her incredible hybrid creatures, such as her half-human bees and butterflies! : )

In case you want to know more about her work, you can look at her blog (so many inspiring pics over there!) or maybe browse the sold items in her shop

One last thing, I was wondering: is any of you on Pinterest too?
Here's my profile: Mijbil
Feel free to explore my boards, if you want, and to share your profiles as well! : ) 
I am always looking for some brand new inspiration!

Big hugs,


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skansen, Stockholm

Here we go again! : )
Thank you so much for the huge support! I have to admit that I was a bit scared about moving, and I can not really thank you enough for all of the encouragement and affection that I received from you. I am so grateful about every single message, and also to the ones who simply paid a visit and decided to stop by for a moment. Thank you all! :D

Well, up to now everything went more than well, and even if  there are still many things which need to be taken care of, I am happily settling down in a new apartment, and definitely enjoying this whole Swedish experience! : )

 And now, about these pics.. Despite the fact that we spent a whole week in Stockholm before moving back to southern Sweden, we were stuck at work most of the time, and there wasn't so much time to visit the city. I had been to Stockholm a couple times in the past, but this was my very first visit during summertime, and the warm season really turned out to be a magic moment to wander around and enjoy the many pleasures of northern life. : )
We spent a lovely day in Skansen, a big park that hosts many Scandinavian wild animals. I am rather proud of these imperfect pics, since I found out how difficult is to catch on camera the amazing but often unpredictable behaviour of a wild living creature. Hope you will enjoy them! : )

There were resourceful peacocks - they were always able to escape from their enclosures!

Some beautiful and quiet seals, so chubby and yet so elegant.

There were common but still fashinating animals, such as this busy duck..

..but also rare, wild ones, like the bear in the first pic or this curious red fox.

And we had the priceless chance to see a lynx kitten suckling!

And of course there were many friendly, fearless, cute and insanely gluttonous squirrels! : )

And I will leave you with some pics of my favourite animal ever. The one who gives his name to this blog (Mijbil), the one who spends most of his adult life just playing and resting, the one who is smart, brave, playful and cheerful, the one with incredibly strong jaws and the instinct of a juggler. Also, the only creature in the whole park who was constantly and unequivocally performing to get attention and admiration from his human audience. Ladies and gentlemen.. the otter! : )

As you can probably guess from these pics, I could have stayed right there all day! :D