Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome on board(s) #1

I have been on Pinterest for approx 4 months, and the more I use it the more I appreciate its great power and versatility. Pinterest features all of the opportunities of most social networks - first of all,  the opportunity to share what you love - but without the annoying stuff - no one is ever sending you emails to let you know you've been tagged in somene else's pics. : )
Socialization is allowed, as you can leave a nice message to let other users know that you appreciate their pins, but it's certainly not necessary, and you can just use the website as a giant notebook to keep track of your passions and finds. Or look for brand new inspirations (like the beautiful drops necklace in the pic above). Or exploit other people's research to find the perfect pie recipe - yesterday I made this delicious pear and cramberries pie from MyBakingAddition, which in fact I think is rather addictive. Or maybe just enjoy the simple pleasure  of seeing your favourite artworks and design pieces also shared by your contacts and friends. 

Ok, I am not getting paid for writing any of this. I just realized that I was strongly underestimating the possibilities of Pinterest, and I'd like to be able to convince some of the reluctant ones to join it  - all the more so since so many of you are crafters and artisans as well. You will love it, I promise! : )

I decided to share some of my boards here, starting with artisanery and art ones, but in case you are interested I will add some more in the future! : )

And, of course, feel free to let me know your contacts and boards as well! 

So, welcome to my boards! 

A mix of various findings from the web, all of them carefully handmade and therefore absolutely unique. : ) I am currently in love with the pink polar bear by Ola Smith, but in general you might notice I lean toward everything that is tiny, colorful and cute! : )

A whole world of paper creatures, landscapes and adventures! : )
All of the fragile beauty and stunning colours of the lightest sculptures ever - and a huge lot of inspiration for your projects as well!

Board link: Paper Life 

3) Crafts

An endless source of inspiration and tutorials for any kind of DIY project. From handmade jewelry to holiday decorations, lots of instructions and patterns to wake up the eager crafter in you ; )
A simple idea for the weekend? These adorable gold leaf paper mache bowls from Kelli Murray.
Hope you enjoy! : )

Board link: Crafts


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it is from Laure Pointereau :)

  2. Ti pinno e ti ripinno... e dal momento che ci sono ti seguirò anche in PINTEREST ^_^
    Carinissimo post!!!

  3. Grazie :) ora ti seguo anch'io!

  4. I absolutely love pinterest... se non si era ancora capito ;)
    I tuoi pins sono sempre d'ispirazione!!!

    1. in effetti anche i tuoi, specie in materia di craft :)

  5. Hi :) I love the necklace. I did open an account on Pinterest but as yet I am very unsure how to use it lol If I ever get the hang of it I will let you know :D
    Hugs Maria

  6. I am a pinner to the core....it is pretty addictive and you're right very very useful in connecting to people with the same passion and aesthetics. Love what you love here!

  7. I just found you on Pinterest :)

  8. I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict. It fuels my crafty side. I already follow your lovely pins on Pinterest. Glad to see you're getting inspired by pinning too!

    I love that drop necklace!! Oh, the possibilities...

    1. Thanks Erica, of course I am your follower too! :)

  9. Bel post..anch'io sono su Pinterest..lo trovo di molta ispirazione..http://pinterest.com/diynoxcreare/


  10. Ciao!
    sono Mihaela è un piacere conoscerti- nuova follower:)))
    mi piace tanto la collana:)
    a presto!

    1. Grazie mille Mihaela, e benvenuta! :)
      ps: la collana non è opera mia, bensì della talentuosa Laure Pointereau :)