Friday, November 30, 2012

First snow!

Random facts: 

- it's snowing here for the first time this season, the night right before December 1st! 
The whole town has been adorned with lights strands and pine garlands, 
and on my way to the pool tonight I even saw a choir 
singing Christmas carols in the middle of a park.

- yes, I was going to the swimming pool, under the snow and in the dark. 
Don't I deserve a prize or something? ; )

- the giant Christmas trees in our garden were lightened up too 
(sorry about the blurry pic, I'll try to get some better ones soon!)

- just a few hours until my Christmas countdown starts: one post per day 
from tomorrow to December 25th. I want to thank everyone 
who wrote a message of encouragement for this little project, 
and I really hope I'll be able to keep it funny and pleasant! : )

- 5 days left to join the gnomes giveaway!

Well, time for me to say goodnight and enjoy a glass of hot glögg 
(Swedish mulled wine).
Hope you'll join me tomorrow! : )

Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY miniature felt satchel bag

With Advent and Christmas holidays coming soon, we might need some little gifts and favors for the kids - or for the inner kid that lives in every crafter/miniaturist.  : )
There are probably some cooler satchel tutorials out there, but I really wanted to keep this one as simple as possible. The whole project won't take more than half an hour, therefore being a quick, easy way to create a mini gift for someone you love (dolls included, of course!).

I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope you will enjoy it too! : )

You will need:

- some colorful felt
- a scrap of soft leather 
- needle, thread, scissors
- 4 tiny metal rings
- a soft teddy willing to model for you bag   ; P

The leather is optional, since you can cut the strings out of fabric or felt, but I think it adds a nice touch to the bag. : )

Step one: cut out a rectangle from felt, and cut of a couple angles to make them round. The size is up to you, but it is important that the shorter side measures a half of the longer one - in my case, 10 cm and 5 cm (or 4 inches and 2 inches). Cut out two smaller pieces (they will be the two sides of the bag), each one long more or less a third of the height of the rectangle.

I chose a bright shade of salmon pink, since I much like colorful bags, but of course the choice is yours! : )
Overlap one of the small pieces to a sharp angle of the bigger rectangle, and start sewing them together.

Keep following the borders, and of course leave the top open. Cut the thread.

Repeat on the other side.

Ok, now your bag shoud look like this.

Optional: you can embroider along the border to add a nice pattern to the bag. Or you can just jump to the next step (I am terrible at embroidering, I know).

Cut out two thin strips of leather to make the strings of the bag. Just make sure that they are thin enought to fit into the tiny rings.

Fix the strings to the bag. Lenght and position of the strings are completely up to you, depending on which style you prefer.

Fix two of the metal rings to the satchel. Be careful, they need to match quite exactly the position of the strings!

We're almost done here. Just cut out a long leather strip..

..and fix a ring at each end.

Last step: fix the rings to the two sides of the bag - you might want to stitch them rather firmly, since the strap needs to be resistant, right?

And that's it! A cute, tiny satchel for your (or your kids') doll. Ain't it lovely? : )
It also works as a nice way to hold a romantic love message!

Ps: 4 days to the Advent Countdown on MIjbil Creatures! : ) 
One post a day up to Christmas time.. don't miss it, it's going to be awesome! ; )

Friday, November 23, 2012

10 DIY Advent Calendars

Just a week left until December! : )
I'm super excited about a new project that will start in a few days! From December 1st to Christmas there will be a special countdown here on Mijbil Creatures! I will publish one post per day (hopefully! :D) with tutorials,  inspirations, pics, packaging ideas, gift guides, DIY projects and much much more! : )

I have been working really hard on this, and I hope it will be a nice way to wait for Christmas together! So don't miss the countdown, I promise it will be worth of! : )

In the meanwhile, I decided to share a few ideas for a handmade Advent calendar. I make a new one each year for my boyfriend (just practising for the future, I guess :P), and I hope you can find some cute, easy inspiration for yours. Let it be simple and cute! : )

1) DIY advent calendar from Andrea Dozier. Instead of candies, some cute decorations (smart, since they will ornate both the calendar and the Christmas tree!) and a list of funny Christmas inspired tasks for kids. One of my favs so far! : )

2) Mini Tree Advent Calendar from Oh Happy Day (tutorial and free printables available!). How cool is that? : )
3) The fabric calendar. This one is from The Land of Nod, but a handmade version would be nice too. And of course fabric calendars offer the big advantage of being reusable for many years, without wasting paper. The most eco-friendly option for sure!

4) The clothespin calendar. I spent some time trying to track back the original source for this pic, but it all links to Pinterest posts or tumblr accounts. If you have any hints, please let me know! (Still, the simple clothespins+basic wrapping paper matching is the cutest ever! )

5) The Baby Sock Calendar from Martha Stewart, very cool but possibly a bit expensive (cute baby socks are not that cheap, and you will need 12 pairs plus the gifts to put in them!). I think a rustic version with neutral colors and golden tags might be a cheaper and lovely alternative. : )

6) The Toilet Paper Calendar from MayaMade: frugal, funny, easy! I like this one so much, thumbs up for upcycling! : )

7)The wall Christmas tree calendar. This one is from Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, but the concept is easy customizable with your favourite paper and colour combination. 

8) The black&white one - very Scandinavian looking! : )
Free printables from HeyLook available here.

8bis) (eheh, I couldn't resist!) Similar patterns, with a splash of colour this time! Mr. Printables Christmas Street Calendar. You can download the free house pattern here.  : )

9) The colorful hanger from Plenty of Colour. Super easy - you won't need to buy anything that you can't find at home. Moreover, with its neon touch is perfectly on-trend! ;P

10) Free printable cone calendar from Zü. I love its pastel colours and vintage looking design. So cute!

Hope you had fun! Want a nice hint on what to put in the packages? Come back on Monday, I have a surprise for you! ; ) 

Wish you all a nice weekend,


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giveaway time! : )

I'm excited to announce the very first giveaway on Mijbil Creatures! : )
I want to celebrate both the presence of 200+ followers here and the imminent reopening of my little shop, that I have been missing so much. 
And since Christmas is coming soon, I decided to organize a holiday themed giveaway. The rules will be super simple, since you will only need to

- be a follower of my blog
- leave a comment to this post

- (optional) share this banner on your blog

The winner will be announced on December 5th, after a random drawing.
And now to the funny thing: prizes! : )

1st draw: a snowflake pendant with a tiny elf on it

2nd draw: a miniature winter terrarium, with a tiny mushroom and gnome

3rd draw: a miniature vial with a micro Santa gnome and a tiny golden key charm

All of the prizes have been carefully handmade by me - I really hope you will like them! : )
I know that there's not much time left, but I wanted to make sure that all the prizes will arrive safely before Christmas. Wish you all good luck, and once again thank you for stopping by in my little virtual space!

Big hugs,


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colours of Sweden

I really need to apologize for not being here so much. I have lots of emails and messages waiting for an answer, a lot of projects going on and very little time.
Thank you for all of your lovely and nice comments. I will be back very soon! : )
In the meanwhile, thanks to the lovely Rosanna, who was the last one to join, there are now 200 followers of Mijbil Creatures! : )
I am planning to organize some kind of Christmas inspired giveaway to thank you all for your kindness and support. Hope to make it in time! : )
Big hugs,


(Ps: most of these pics were shot last Sunday, November 11. It seems that Southern Sweden is not so cold and rainy, after all! :P )

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A little walk on the wharf, the cold northern wind, sunset by the seaside, hot chocolate with a warm blanket on our legs.
Wish you all a nice week! : )