Friday, November 23, 2012

10 DIY Advent Calendars

Just a week left until December! : )
I'm super excited about a new project that will start in a few days! From December 1st to Christmas there will be a special countdown here on Mijbil Creatures! I will publish one post per day (hopefully! :D) with tutorials,  inspirations, pics, packaging ideas, gift guides, DIY projects and much much more! : )

I have been working really hard on this, and I hope it will be a nice way to wait for Christmas together! So don't miss the countdown, I promise it will be worth of! : )

In the meanwhile, I decided to share a few ideas for a handmade Advent calendar. I make a new one each year for my boyfriend (just practising for the future, I guess :P), and I hope you can find some cute, easy inspiration for yours. Let it be simple and cute! : )

1) DIY advent calendar from Andrea Dozier. Instead of candies, some cute decorations (smart, since they will ornate both the calendar and the Christmas tree!) and a list of funny Christmas inspired tasks for kids. One of my favs so far! : )

2) Mini Tree Advent Calendar from Oh Happy Day (tutorial and free printables available!). How cool is that? : )
3) The fabric calendar. This one is from The Land of Nod, but a handmade version would be nice too. And of course fabric calendars offer the big advantage of being reusable for many years, without wasting paper. The most eco-friendly option for sure!

4) The clothespin calendar. I spent some time trying to track back the original source for this pic, but it all links to Pinterest posts or tumblr accounts. If you have any hints, please let me know! (Still, the simple clothespins+basic wrapping paper matching is the cutest ever! )

5) The Baby Sock Calendar from Martha Stewart, very cool but possibly a bit expensive (cute baby socks are not that cheap, and you will need 12 pairs plus the gifts to put in them!). I think a rustic version with neutral colors and golden tags might be a cheaper and lovely alternative. : )

6) The Toilet Paper Calendar from MayaMade: frugal, funny, easy! I like this one so much, thumbs up for upcycling! : )

7)The wall Christmas tree calendar. This one is from Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, but the concept is easy customizable with your favourite paper and colour combination. 

8) The black&white one - very Scandinavian looking! : )
Free printables from HeyLook available here.

8bis) (eheh, I couldn't resist!) Similar patterns, with a splash of colour this time! Mr. Printables Christmas Street Calendar. You can download the free house pattern here.  : )

9) The colorful hanger from Plenty of Colour. Super easy - you won't need to buy anything that you can't find at home. Moreover, with its neon touch is perfectly on-trend! ;P

10) Free printable cone calendar from Zü. I love its pastel colours and vintage looking design. So cute!

Hope you had fun! Want a nice hint on what to put in the packages? Come back on Monday, I have a surprise for you! ; ) 

Wish you all a nice weekend,



  1. Hello Mijbil,
    I am so looking forward toi your countdown. I lvoe the calendars...such great ideas and so original.
    Big hug,

  2. Thank you for the many fantastic ideas for calendars :) I am sooo looking forward to your countdown I will be here for sure ;)))
    Hugs Maria

  3. Grande ideia! Estou aguardando com ansiedade a contagem regressiva. Parabéns e beijos em teu coração.

  4. Very nice this project!
    And pretty calendars ideas!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Gracias por tantas ideas.
    Espero tu calendario
    Un abrazo

  6. Thanks for the fantastic calendars ideas. I shall certainly wait for your calendar tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Thanks for the fantastic ideas!
    I´looking forward your advent calendar.
    Greetings and a nice weekend

  8. Thank you so much for all those fantastic ideas for Advents calendars etc. I love it :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Hi Mijbil,
    thank you for the great ideas. I love the clothespin calendar

  10. ces calendriers de l'avent sont très beaux et originaux, que de choix !!!
    Merci Mijbil !

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  12. These Advent Calendars are very nice!

  13. uh, i calendari dell'avvento... :)

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