Friday, November 30, 2012

First snow!

Random facts: 

- it's snowing here for the first time this season, the night right before December 1st! 
The whole town has been adorned with lights strands and pine garlands, 
and on my way to the pool tonight I even saw a choir 
singing Christmas carols in the middle of a park.

- yes, I was going to the swimming pool, under the snow and in the dark. 
Don't I deserve a prize or something? ; )

- the giant Christmas trees in our garden were lightened up too 
(sorry about the blurry pic, I'll try to get some better ones soon!)

- just a few hours until my Christmas countdown starts: one post per day 
from tomorrow to December 25th. I want to thank everyone 
who wrote a message of encouragement for this little project, 
and I really hope I'll be able to keep it funny and pleasant! : )

- 5 days left to join the gnomes giveaway!

Well, time for me to say goodnight and enjoy a glass of hot glögg 
(Swedish mulled wine).
Hope you'll join me tomorrow! : )


  1. Je komt dus al helemaal in de kerstsfeer met sneeuw en een koor dat kerstliederen zingt :) In Nederland vieren we Sinterklaas in plaats van de Kerstman. Wij zetten de kerstboom pas neer na 5 december als het feest van Sinterklaas is gevierd.

    Fijn weekend en groeten Xnadra

    1. Ik hou ervan om nieuwe dingen over Kerstmis horen, dank je wel!

  2. I think snow makes everything look so magical though we don't get a lot of it here hardly any at all some years. The Tree looks wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

    1. I think Southern Sweden climate is not so different from Ireland's one.. we had a rather mild autumn, but I really hope winter is going to be snowy! :)

  3. anche a Zurigo è arrivata la prima neve sabato..e come fioccava!!..e anche io sono andata in piscina (termale) con vista sui tetti innevati della città..! adoro questi paesi dalla neve "facile"!! ;)

    1. Terme, questa è una buona idea! Spero di torvarle anch'io in zona! A presto!

  4. Hello Mijbil,
    What fun. I love it when it snows before Christmas...the decorations and ligthts just do not look right without it.
    I am a little late, but I hope you enjoyed the wine.
    Big hug,