Thursday, December 20, 2012

11 easy&cool DIY Christmas projects

Hello from snowy Dolomites! : )
My connection is not so good here, and I was unable to upload any pic of mine (I'll try again tonight).. but the weather is great, there's quite a lot of snow and we're having much fun!

I hope I'll be able to show a few pics of our beautiful mountains. In the meanwhile, I decided to share a little collection of easy and pretty cool Christmas projects. Hope you will like them!
I already tried to make some of these (the gold sprayed branches and the glitter pinecones), and I will surely make an attempt to recreate the candle holder terrariums and the washi tape mini candles too.. and what about you? Which project is your favourite? Do you have anything new to suggest? If you do, please feel free to spread the news! : )

See you soon, 



1) Washi tape + sequins to create the easiest and cutest tiny candles - from MyLittleFabric

2) DIY glitter candles from Brunch at Saks (super quick and pretty cool!)

3) Branch and Leaves Centerpiece by Martha Stewart. Just spray a few dried leaves in god, drill a series of holes in a piece of rustic wood, et voila!

4) Gold painted branches home decoration from CasaSugar

5) Ribbon Star. Barn wood, 5 old screws and some red ribbon for this 15 minutes project by Beyond the Picket Fence

6) Candle holder terrarium by Lulu (ok, the page is in Bulgarian, 
but these little terreriums seem pretty easy to recreate at home!)

7) Faux Coral candlesticks by StyleMePretty

8) Faux Quartz Druzy Necklaces by MintedStrawberry (just be careful with the glass!)

9)DIY Houses by Night tutorial from FellowFellow

10) Glittery pinecones for your Christmas table (pics by PhotoLivika)

11) Leather wrapped vases from CreatureComforts, love the gold and silver shades combined with leather strings!


  1. So many fantastic ideas! Thanks for showing.
    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your photos. Very cool. Merry Christmas .. Keep in touch

  3. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Hi
    I am making a craft directory, here is my link I am asking the permission to post links to your free projects or patterns. I will add a description and a photo.

    Thanks in advance.