Sunday, December 16, 2012

A very handmade Christmas tree

One thing you know for sure about me is that I really like Christmas.
I like the snow, the cold, the lights and the decorations, I like the smell of firs and the spicy scent of festive cookies. And one of the things I like most is to have a  sparkling and cheerful Christmas tree at home.

And, as you can imagine, as soon as I felt surrounded by the Swedish enthusiasm for the upcoming season, I dragged my boyfriend to buy a big Christmas tree for our living room. Only, in the elation of the moment I didn't think about the actual height of our ceiling, that turned out to be much shorter than the tree itself.
The only solution was to cut out the top of the tree, but then another question occurred to me. How can you properly decorate a fir when all of your usual Christmas ornaments were left in Venice, more than a thousand kilometers away from you?

After discarding the idea of spending a fortune in glass bubbles and garlands, I came to the conclusion that the best option was probably to go for simple handmade ornaments, the kind that can be easily and quickly made out of some white clay. 

Long story short, the whole Christmas-tree-crisis was solved with a lot of fun and very little effort! 
(and some cute&cheap additions from a second hand shop)   ; )

First, I cut out some simple snowflakes, with a tiny hole on top.

Then, some little mushrooms were born (with red paint on top and a touch of glitter to let them sparkle)

And then some tiny white houses - far from perfect, but cute anyway, I guess : )

I also decided to reuse the gold dipped antlers theme, and they turned out nice as Christmas tree ornaments as well! : )

What else? Some gingerbread cookies with a little red ribbon glued on them, a few peppermint canes from a candy shop..

..a few miniature boxes dressed out as tiny presents..

..and some unexpensive vintage bubbles.  : )

This little old horse costed me less than half a dollar, and it's so cute!

And you already know Hector, the super kitsch but still irresistible Christmas dinosaur!  : )

And here it is, my imperfect, messy and much beloved Swedish Christmas tree!
I miss this guy so much now that I am back in Italy (and of course I asked the neighbours to take care of him while we're away).

One last thing, I reused the little branches from the cut out top to create a wreath.. a bit scruffy, uh? Need to improve my wreath-making skills! :D

Hope you enjoyed the making of, and wish you all a lovely Sunday! : )


  1. Wow fantastic makes for your tree. It looks wonderful. I love all your makes. The little house is so cute and I love the little horse.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Oh, I LOVE the home-made decorations! It reminds me of my first Christmas in a new place after College... last minute tree and making ornaments out of Origami with my brother! We covered the tree in beautiful paper baubles! The best kind of ornaments are the ones made with love!
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Your tree looks fantstic!
    I love all the things your make for.

  4. Very nice and personally tree. I understand you miss it. You've done a great job.

  5. Hello from Spain: I love your creations. Your work is gorgeous. Keep in touch

  6. Your Christmas tree is beautiful and also your creative ideas! :)