Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doll wishlist

Hello everyone! : )
Later today I'm going back to Venice, but not before one final day on the ski runs!

I hope I'll be able to share more mountain pics soon! In the meanwhile, I decided to write down a wishlist of my favourite BJDs  (after all this blog is supposed to focus on dolls and miniatures, and Christmas is coming soon..)
Hope you will like it!
I have to admit that I don't really have the attitude of the collector, since I don't want to gather too many dolls that I don't have the time to take care of. My only resin doll up to now is my Fairyland Pukifee Flora, and yet it seems to me that she's a bit neglected - there are so many projects I'd like to carry on, and so little time!
Still, there are some dolls that stole my heart, and even if I am probably never going to get most of them, I thought it could be nice to share them with you (you might notice that I have a slight preference for the extremely  tiny ones  : P ).

( click on the images for the original sources) 

1) IrrealDoll Enyo
Enyo comes from the unique talent of the Spanish artist Laura Garijo. Tiny eyes on such a big head look unexpectedly sweet and dreamy, therefore making this little girl one of most cute and delicate creatures I have ever seen. : )

2) Lati White Belle
Between BJDs, my very first love.  : )
Lati Doll is one of the most famous BJD companies, and when I first saw some of their dolls on Etsy I felt the urgent need of knowing more about them. I was immediately attracted by their tiny White Line, and by the sweet, dreamy eyes of Belle in particular. She's still one of my favourite molds of all times!  : )

3) CCC  Cherry Blossom Julia
I heard that these little piglets have reached super high prices in the market, so I don't really think I will ever be able to get one. But she needed to be in my wishlist, since she's terrific cute and lovely  - my bf actually thinks she's a bit creepy.. which I just can't explain, come on, just look at her big piggie eyes! : )

4) OOAK ferret by DaisyDayes
Since I missed its Etsy listing, I have been wishing that one day I will be able to get a little ferret like this one. I still hope that the incredibly talented DaisyDayes will make a recast someday. Ain't it the most adorable little thing?

5) CCC Woodlings
I think I had a crush on every single doll from Charles Stephan, at some point. : )
These lovely, tiny fauns are between my absolute favs, and have been sold out for ages. Still, I hope that I might be able to get one sometime. They are extremely small for a BJD, just 8 cm in height, and I was never able to resist their cute, sad little faces.

6) Felix Small Comfort
The cutest BJD baby of all times! : )
ElfDoll announced the release of a new bunch of Small Comfort babies last spring, but still there seem to be no sign of them in their shop. I guess I am not the only one melting for thir chubby little limbs!

7) DHS Elvene
I started struggling for these beauties the day I realized how tiny they were. Small enough to fit into one's hand, and with such a "traditional" elf look. I am not usually that much into resin colours other than the realistic one, but in this case I think the light shades of blue and purple are the best ones to enhance the delicate, magical design of these dolls.

8) DD-Anne Riko
10 cm of pure cuteness, is there anything else to say? : )

9) Lati White SP Mystic Bayer
Still not sure if this is about her incredibly delicate sculpt, her dreamy eyes or her pointy elf ears, but this limited edition Lati is one of the most charming little creatures out there.  ^__^

And of course I could not end my wishlist without at least one..

10) Fairyland Pukipuki  
They're all so cute that it was impossible for me to choose! : )
Clockwise from top left: Piki, Loreley, Flora, Pongpong. Can I have them all? :D

And now it's up to you. Is there any doll out there - BJD or not - that let your heart skip a beat? 
( Plushes are accepted too! :P )

Silly pic of the day: Berry, the miniature needle felted penguin - such an adorable Christmas gift from Katie - enjoys the snow and poses for some extra Friday cuteness! : )


  1. Hi Sylvia,
    A little lati white Belle is also on my wish list :) I think she would be the perfect friend for Phoebe and Twinkle. I'm wishing you a very happy Christmas, and Christmas hugs for Flora too :) Vicky ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you so much Vicky! I agree, Belle is totally adorable. Merry Christmas to you and to all of your family (dolls included ;P)!

  2. The dolls on your Santa !!list :D are all beautiful though I have to confess I have never seen any of these. I do have a very small Christmas baby born though :) I got her years ago for one of my daughters and decided to keep her lol I love her she is very sweet.
    Happy Christmas.
    Hugs Maria

    1. How sweet! :) The dolls here all all BJDs, namely jointed resin dolls (mainly from Asian countries). I'm happy that you like them!

      Wish you a Merry Christmas,


  3. Ciao!!!!! Ti faccio i miei piĆ¹ cari auguri di Buon Natale!!!

  4. Hello from Spain: the photos are very nice. The dolls are very cute. Happy Christmas. Keep in touch

  5. We seem to share the same interest with tiny dolls. :) I am lucky owner of an Enyo, but just like you I tried to get the Daisy Dayes ferret and wasn´t lucky... I keep hoping too!

    Have a lovely and prosperous New Year 2013! Hugs from snowy Finland!

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