Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A new project

Hi everyone! : )
I'm finally back here, with a lot of things going on and a brand new project I am super excited about!
I've always been fashinated by customizable art toys, and after a long indecision I got myself a mini Munny. He came to me all white, chubby and smooth, as you can see in the pic above. Ain't he cute? 

Right before purchasing him, I surfed a bit through the net looking for inspiration. All of the following Munnies have been customized by talented artists. Toy customization can include sculpting, painting, cutting, sewing and so on. And I have seen any kind of material involved, from wood to fabric, from plastic to metal.
Here's some of my favourites!

An adorable bunny-Munny from A Little Stranger

This strange little monster is from NeverCrew

Cute and colorful, this Mutze Munny comes from the talent of BukuBuku

I found this amazing customized Munny from Kerry Dyer on the Kidrobot (the company who produces these toys) Flickr page..

..along with this adorable Snow Ball by Dolly Oblong.

And even if the slightly creepy versions can be lovely too..

..I think I'll try to get a sweet, cheerful character, like this adorable guy with his nordic jumper. : )

Since it's my very first time working with vinyl, I chose a simple project - or, to be precise, a project that looked simple enough to me. Not so sure anymore, I have to admit! : )
Anyway, this 4 inches little guy is supposed to become a cute faun. I will sculpt his hair, hooves and horns out of polymer clay. Here you can see the first step (just a sketch of his legs and pointy ears)..

..and some fluffy hair on his belly!

Hope I'll be able to post more pics soon. I will keep you updated! : )

One last thing, today it's my best friend's birthday. And since I know for sure he reads this blog (and probably much disapproves), well I want to wish him a much happy almost-30th birthday! :D


  1. Your new project looks exciting, I've never seen these mini Munny before, it will be interesting to see it finished.

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  3. une adorable petite créature sur le papier ... jolies, les petites oreilles. Je suivre son évolution avec plaisir. rosethé

  4. Bellissimo e originale progetto sei bravissima! kiss!

  5. Hello Mijbil,
    I can't wait to see your Munny! I love your sketch.
    Happy birthday to your friend,
    Big hug

  6. Hi Mijbil, please show the progress! Can't wait to see the end result! Happy B-day to your friend. How's the cup of tea? ;)
    gr. AM

  7. Hello Mijbil! What a wonderful little project - can't wait to see your progress!
    Those photo's you've shown are amazing! What a talented lot!
    Hugs to you!
    Helen. x

  8. no conocia estos muñecos , y creo que son una monada , creo que te quedara muy mono, estoy deseando ver el progreso



  9. Hi Mijbil! I can't wait to see your progress, it looks exciting!
    Hugs, Candy:)

  10. What an exciting project I cant wait to see what you do. Your sketch looks great.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Mi piace scoprire nuove cose... e quando le novità escono dai tuoi post non possono che essere creature fantastiche!!! Grazie e non vedo l'ora di vedere completato il tuo progetto Munny.. già so che sarà strepitoso!!!

  12. So cute!!! Can't wait for...good job!! ^-^

  13. Wow, that's so cool! I've never seen anything like this before. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)