Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January moments

A few highlights from the last month.. hope you'll enjoy! : )

Preamble: I spent most of the past New Year's Eves at my parent's place. They usually stay out of town for a few days, so they need someone to stay at home and keep an eye on my (now 95 year old) grandma (can we call it grannysitting?). 
And since my boyfriend and I are not exactly a party couple, so far we happily celebrated almost every year with a quiet and intimate dinner at home.

But since now we live in a different country, we finally accepted an invitation for a little party with friends. And that is the reason why a usually casual/scruffy person like me is wearing a gold sequined mini dress in these pics. : )

Did I mention that the host was a French chef? ; P
Aww.. those scallops were spectacular and delicious! : )

And despite the party being pleasantly quiet, we ended up in a rather lethargic mood for a few days.
I spent most of the time wrapped up in my new pijama, while my bf was reading and baking most of the time (ah, the adventurous life..) : )

I also got myself the Swedish version of one of my favourite choldren books, "Momo" by Michael Ende (have you read it? a curious little girl, a time travelling tortoise and some scary Grey Men stealing the time of human beings.. forty years after the first edition, it's still an enchanting adventure!)

Still snowing a lot, and there's often ice on the bathroom's window - and I just love the intricate frozen patterns!

There's always something interesting to be found in a snowy garden..

..but the duck pond in the park is nice too, in a sunny morning..

..and yes, Swedish winter sky can be like that. : )

But the weather is of course very cold, and hot tea is much much needed every day (expecially if it comes in a super colorful, cheerful packaging, such as this one. A lovely gift from our friends in Berlin! ^__^ )

Oh, and I also made quite a lot of new minis - wasn't this blog supposed to be micro creations, after all? ; )
I'll post them soon, I promise!

Thank you for stopping by,
big hugs,



  1. gracias por compartir un trocito de tu navidad , creo que te lo has pasado muy bien



  2. Your photos are always so beautiful. Very delicious food and then you're a real babe. I have read some of Michael Ende `s books for my children, but they were, however, the greatest fan of Astrid Lindgren


    1. She's great too! :) Thank you so much Wyrna!

  3. Very nice pictures:) I reaaaaally miss the snow... Here in Ponferrada it only snowed one day last week...
    Hugs, Candy:)

  4. Che colore azzurro, quel cielo!!! *----*
    Nice pics, one more ^-*

  5. Momo! Love that book! Great photographs. gr. AM

    1. Thanks! Ende's works are truly fascinating, right? :)

  6. Bel post natalizio grazie carissima sei una grande fotografa!kiss!

  7. Your pictures as always are awesome. Love the pictures of you :) Yummy looking food.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Thanks for showing the fantstic pictures!
    I also love the story of " Momo".