Thursday, February 28, 2013

February moments

I'm really starting to enjoy these little "recap" posts, to sum up the highlights of my days. 
Hope you like them too! : )

One good thing: the stunning sparkle of the sunlight over snowy trees!

Swedish people always leave some food for the birds! : )

 Berries desserts..

..a cute love parrot.. risotto (it was so delicious that I plan to share the recipe! And it's so easy to cook!)..

..and yes, some more tulips, because apparently I can't stop buying them! : )

The surprisingly blue sky (whenever it's not snowing)..

..a little gift for a good friend..

..and a giant heart in the snow!

And here I am, ready for a night out in Malmö! : )
What else?

 An awesome farewell party for a Japanese friend..

..with an entirely home made Japanese dinner, so delicious! (Including sushi, dumplings, soup, baked eggplants, tempura, udon & more!)

A few days in bed with flu (and my wombat plush to keep me company ;P )

and also, homebaked bread from my bf to cheer me up! : )

Oh, and my micro Munnies finally arrived! : )
Just look at how cute they are! Just 2.5 inches high (6 cm) and absolutely adorable.
Can't wait to turn them into something new..
I'll keep you updated!

Ps: while I was still waiting for them, I couldn't resist the temptation of sculpting a miniature version of my little faun.. hope you will like him too! : )

Big hugs,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Springtime bubbles!

Hi there! : )

Loads of thanks for your encouraging messages! I fell (almost) fine now, and (almost) ready to afford the snowy weather outside!

And to enlighten a bit these cold winter days I made some light springtime ornaments. 
I used three small bubbles of glass (4 cm in diameter, namely approx 1.5 inches) to create three differents miniature spring inspired scene.

I call the first one "Le petit nuage" (the little cloud), mainly because there was a distant time of my life when I could more or less speak French, and I miss it so much! : ) 

These little dioramas (can I call them dioramas, uh?) are actually quite tricky to assemble, because (a) the opening on top is so narrow that the object you put in there (in this case, the tiny cloud) has to be very small, but still large enough to be noticeable, plus (b) the clay top has to perfectly match the glass bubble and (c) it is virtually impossible to clean the inner part of the bubble if you stain it with glue or paint (I completely ruined one of the bubbles in the attempt to rub away a small spot).

Well, I hope at least that the result is worth the effort! : )

And here's the second one, "Flying away" (kind of self-explaining, right?)

And finally, the romantic one, "Lovebirds" (because I am hopelessy romantic, after all)

Blooming hugs to all of you! : )

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The tale of the Three Fairies

Hi there! : )
The last few days weren't really the most pleasant - flu, cough and toothache - and I am spending my Saturday night drinking mint tea, well wrapped under a few layers of cozy blankets. I already feel better, and I guess that with just a bit of rest and warmth I'll be ok by  tomorrow.

And now, back to the fairy tale from the title..

Once upon a time, there was a tiny fairy who lived in the woods. She had a pink dotted hat, and she was more or less of the size of a grain of rice. There were some advantages in being so tiny - for example, a single berry was enough for her to bake so many pies, but sometimes she felt a bit lonely, and maybe vulnerable because of her size. And then one day..

..another fairy appeared, and she was even smaller! : )
Her hat was the colour of mellow strawberries, and her dress had the shade of the newborn leaves.

And yes, she was so tiny that a single grain of rice could work as a big bed for her!
The first fairy was very happy to get company, and she really liked to have a smaller sister to protect. But then..

..whooops, who's there? A third fairy all of a sudden arrived!
She was joyful, chubby, and smaller than the tiniest dewdrop. And she was looking for friends too!

Needless to say, the three of them became  good friends. And now that they are a little family, they sometimes accept to pose for a pic, on the top of a fingertip. But they often complain about looking so much BIGGER in pics than they actually are!  

Hope you enjoyed the story (and if it sounds silly, please be forgiving, mt fever hasn't completely gone yet :P )
I wish you the nicest weekend! : )

Ps: I'd like to thank the super nice Ben of Urban Vinyl Daily who published a few pics of my custom Munny faun! 
 You can read the whole post here.  : )

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artisans I love: One Ring to Rule Them All

It's been definitely too long since my last "Artisans I love" post. Too bad, because I truly believe in sharing and supporting the work of the artists we love, and that's why today I am introducing three different jewelry creators from three different continents. And each one seems to have a different favourite material! : )

Let's start from old Europe, with the Spain-based artist Sarah Robinson. Her shop, La Chica de los Anillos (meaning "The girl of the Rings" in Spanish) is a collection of stunning silver pieces. Every ring is unique, featuring organic shapes with an occasional touch of colour. I fell in love with her creations the very moment I saw them, and I am seriously tempted by these little treasures. Hope you will like them too! : )

From Spain to Australia now, and from silver to wood, with the lovely work of  Jacqueline Chan from Whimsy Milieu. I love her funny lasercut bamboo rings, so casual and colorful. I guess the Mountain Rings are my favourite, but all of her animal ears pieces (bear, bunny, cat, deer) are super cute too! : )

And the last step leads us to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to discover the beautiful creations of Kimberly Huestis, from Porcelain and Stone. Minimal and precious, her handsculpted rings are inspired by little nautical findings, such as pebbles or seashells. She even used a real sea urchin to mold some of her pieces!

I really hope you like these little creations from independent jewelry makers. As usual, I am in no way rewarded for my posts, except from your lovely comments of course! : ) 

Wish you all a nice week,

big hugs,