Thursday, February 28, 2013

February moments

I'm really starting to enjoy these little "recap" posts, to sum up the highlights of my days. 
Hope you like them too! : )

One good thing: the stunning sparkle of the sunlight over snowy trees!

Swedish people always leave some food for the birds! : )

 Berries desserts..

..a cute love parrot.. risotto (it was so delicious that I plan to share the recipe! And it's so easy to cook!)..

..and yes, some more tulips, because apparently I can't stop buying them! : )

The surprisingly blue sky (whenever it's not snowing)..

..a little gift for a good friend..

..and a giant heart in the snow!

And here I am, ready for a night out in Malmö! : )
What else?

 An awesome farewell party for a Japanese friend..

..with an entirely home made Japanese dinner, so delicious! (Including sushi, dumplings, soup, baked eggplants, tempura, udon & more!)

A few days in bed with flu (and my wombat plush to keep me company ;P )

and also, homebaked bread from my bf to cheer me up! : )

Oh, and my micro Munnies finally arrived! : )
Just look at how cute they are! Just 2.5 inches high (6 cm) and absolutely adorable.
Can't wait to turn them into something new..
I'll keep you updated!

Ps: while I was still waiting for them, I couldn't resist the temptation of sculpting a miniature version of my little faun.. hope you will like him too! : )

Big hugs,


  1. Hello from Spain, is like your photos of February. I like your red parrot. Keep in touch

  2. what a wonderful post! I love the little faun- and the tiny gifts from your friend are adorable. ohhhh the dumplings look sooo good!

  3. Какой чудесный маленький фавн!!!

  4. Your tiny Faun looks so cute :) All that yummy food ymmmm. Wonderful pictures thanks for sharing. But how come that even when you have the flue you still look so pretty lol. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new Munnies.
    Hugs Maria

    1. You are way too kind :) and even if it doesn't show much in the pic, my nose was so red those days! :D

  5. The red parrot and the faun are so cute!!
    Thanks for sharing this fantastic pictures!!!

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  7. Ciao miji!!!bellissima raccolta di foto, la mia preferita è la tua sotto il piumone con il pupazzo....tenerissima!!! :D anche io ho un pupazzo speciale che mi tiene compagnia!
    un abbraccio

    1. Grazie Ila! :) Questo mi è stato portato dal mio migliore amico direttamente dall'Australia in Italia, e adesso è qui con noi in Svezia :D

    2. Chi? Il pupazzo o il migliore amico? O entrambi? :)

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