Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 happy little things.. wish you Glad Påsk, namely Happy Easter (in Swedish)! : )

1- Daffodils from my balcony, because yesterday it was snowing (again!) and therefore I need some colour to keep up the illusion of spring! : )

2 - A duck and a little rabbit that I got (many months ago) from my boyfriend. Cute!

3 - A golden egg full of pralines, because little treats make me happy!

4 - Two adorable eggbunnies from Musers, which I traded with sweet Kathryn for two of my miniature rabbits. : )

5- And finally, a strawberry cheesecake, because some sweetness is always much needed!

Wish you a merry and peaceful Easter!
Lots of love,


Thursday, March 28, 2013

March moments

Warning: this post will mainly be about food. : )

So, I went to the dentist today since my toothache only got worse in time. It was painful, but at least now I can eat again, and I assure you that I am extremely thankful for that!

I have been cooking quite a lot recently (well, apart from these last few days of course), and I wanted to share with you the results of my efforts. Since the good season is approaching, we switched to light, healthy food - delicious sushi for example, but also several home made recipes and salads. 

And that's why after several days of almost-starving due to my teeth, my monthly recap post features so many food pics.
Hope you will enjoy! : )

Coffee break with jam&flowers!

Zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes.. ready for the oven! : )

Weekend crêpes, great if you need to gather some eggshells for your Easter projects! ;P

Some more tulips, because of reasons. :D

 Despite being Italian, we do not eat much pasta. Still, this is one of my favourite versions: sundried tomatoes, paprika, broccoli and black olives. Easy, quick and scrumptious! 

Colorful details..

..almost a duckface..

..and a delicious Persian dinner cooked by an Iranian friend (everything was just perfect!)

Hoarfrost and snow (already posted, but I like these pics so much!)

..a fresh, colourful lunch..

..crêpes again, this time with white chocolate and fresh strawberries..

..and probably my all time favourite salad: roasted carrots, fresh goat cheese, green leaves, rocket, avocado and balsamic vinagre. Trust me, you need to try this! : )

And the final result is that now my jeans fit much better! :D
I know it's a bit early to wish you a nice weekend, but tomorrow is a holiday here in Sweden, so I am already in a festive mood.
Big hugs, and don't forget to join my giveaway! : )

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY Easter projects roundup 2013

Hi everyone, and welcome to the 2013 DIY Easter projects roundup! (this way it almost sounds like a big thing!)

Last year's Easter project posts (part 1 and part 2) were some of the most popular entries I ever wrote, and I believe that the key point really is "keep it simple". 
Let's be honest, for most of us the time & budget for Easter decorations (and home decor in general) is limited, and that's the reason why, of all the gorgeous and unaffordable ideas out there, I chose to share just the simplest and less expensive ones. Luckily, sometimes they happen to be extremely pretty too! : )

Let's start form the beautiful hand decorated eggs from JoyEverAfter. Minimun budget (you will only need a few eggshells and a white paint pen, or just a thin brush and some white acrylic) and maximum result. Seriously, these are some of the cutest eggs I've ever seen, and I will surely make some to offer as little favours. : )

Another great classic, even simpler and less expensive than the previous one: natural eggshells to be used as miniature flower vases. These lovely ones are from Craftberry Bush, and I particularly love the delicate shades of pastel pink that she chose for the rosebuds. : )

The "Smartest tip award" goes to Chocolate Shavings for these brilliant patterned eggs. They were made with the help of rubber bands, in order to creat neat, effortless lines while dip-dying the eggs. Bonus points for the candy pink-mint green colour combo!

During the last few seasons, we've seen every possible version of gold dipped stuff. I still like the trend, and I think some simple gold dipped eggs might look cool in quite every kind ov living room. And after all, if you get a chance of being fashionable without much effort, why don't just try it every once in a while? (says one of the least fashionable people in the world - me  ;P )

And yes, I confess I added these cloud&raindrops eggs from Frl. Klein for no other reason than their extreme cuteness! : )

Now for the Kids' Corner: Bunny carrot dip from Pizzazerie. A cute way to convince the little ones to eat carrots, and I guess that if you're in a hurry you can skip the bread basket step and use a regular basket instead. Still, so lovely!

And can you imagine a sweetest plate than this little bunny from Ishtar Olivera? : )
You will only need an oven-safe ceramic plate and a couple of porcelain markers in pink and black. Super easy, and it would also make a lovely little gift! : )

Oh, and I couldn't really miss the funny Mix&Match egg totems from MrPrintables, one of the coolest and most colourful projects out there! :D
I love them so much!

When I first saw these cheesecake filled chocolate eggs on Pinterest, I thought "Here's the classic 'gorgeous looking but horribly complicated' dessert recipe". But, to my big surprise, when I read the whole tutorial from RaspberriCupcakes I had to admit that they are really simple! : )
And if you want to make even quicker, I guess you can replace the passionfruit sauce "yolk" with a more prosaic candy or orange-coloured chocolate (still, the passionfruit sounds like a perfect match for the chocolate&cheesecake mix).
Bonus: these cute desserts can be prepared a couple days in advance, making your Easter lunch a bit simpler to organize! : )

Ok, just for this project I will cheat a bit, 'cause it doesn't look particularly simple nor quick - but it was too original not to share. ; P
So, here's a full tutorial to make cupcakes baked in real eggshells. How cool is that? 
(from Cupcake Project, of course, and to be made only if you have extra spare time and an adventurous mood! )

What's left?
Three projects for artists (colourful thread eggs, again from Craftberry Bush, Pantone eggs from How about Orange and fake cross stitched eggs from So Leb' Ich )..

..two simple and beautiful egg&flower arrangements (the first one is from SheWhoEats, while unfortunately I was unable to find the original source of the second one, from Pinterest)..

..and finally, for some extra cuteness, these DIY tea lights from Smart School house, made out of delicate silk petals.

And if you haven't had enough, you can take a look at my Easter Pinterest board for more projects and inspiration.. 

..or you can just refer to last year's Easter posts!
Both Part 1 and Part 2 will hopefully provide you with ideas, tips and fun! : )

Friday, March 22, 2013

A dragon and a snowstorm

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new followers! : )

I am sorry I haven't been posting since last Sunday. Not only it has been quite a busy week, but I had teeth problems (again!), and anti-inflammatory drugs are my best friends at the moment. : (

But, on the bright side.. there was a remarkable snowstorm, and now the sun is shining bright on a beautiful white landscape! And I got the chance to take a few pics of the first spring flowers under the snow! :D

Other (possibly) remarkable things:

- I have been working quite a lot, so expect a few new entries in my shop soon! (if only I can find the time to take proper pics and upload them)

- a couple days ago it was my mother's birthday. And since I live too far away to visit, I sent her a huge (and unexpected) bouquet from a fancy florist! ; ) Bonus, she's probably coming to visit us soon, which means lots of hugs, some nice time together and.. food supplies as well! : )

- I got this absolutely AWESOME feedback from the vinyl toys community. My first custom, the mini Munny faun, was featured on Urban Vinyl Daily, Toycutter and, and it also received quite a lot of attention on Facebook and on the Kidrobot forum where I first posted it. The whole thing came totally unexpected, but I am so happy and grateful for the amazing support and interest fro my work. :D

- according to the post title, I promised you a dragon, right? So let me intruduce my second vinyl custom. I switched down from 4 to 2.5 inches, and I turned a Kidrobot Micro Munny into a cute miniature dragon!
Distinguishing marks: a delicate lilac skin, a certain greediness for macarons, and a tiny florentine lily tattoo on his back!

Some work in progress pics..

And the final result! : )

With his bigger brother..

..and in my hands! : )

Hope you will like him! : )

Wish you a nice weekend, and please don't forget to join my Springtime Giveaway! And if you have shared it on your blog, remember to leave a second comment to the giveaway post, to double your winning chances! :D

EDIT: the tiny dragon is now available FOR SALE here