Friday, March 15, 2013


A quick confession: my plans for today's post were entirely different! : )
But then this morning I got up from the bed, opened the curtains and.. I had in front of me the most amazing and breathtaking landscape!
All of the grass, trees, and bushes were completely covered in hoarfrost, and shining under the morning sun.
And as soon as the air got a bit warmer, tiny cristals of ice were torn away from the branches and started dancing in the light.. a stunning sight indeed! : )

I think that a more skilled photographer with a better equipment could have taken amazing shots. I did my best with my little knowledge and compact camera, and I hope these pics give at least a hint of the beauty that surrounded our house this morning. : )

Ps: the original plan for the post included a surprise for you, and will be published very soon! ;P

Big hugs,



  1. It is indeed beautiful and your excitement makes me smile and think to myself that I should not be so grumpy that winter is still here :) Hope your day is fabulous!

  2. Your pictures are very beautiful, so beautiful that, for a moment, I completely forget that I hate snow. Smile ....

  3. Hello from Spain: an idyllic landscape. Keep in touch

  4. Wow your pictures are stunning. You really captured the wonder of it. Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. El paisaje es muy hermoso! Ver cómo el hielo se derrite y brilla con la luz del sol debe ser una maravilla.
    Un abrazo

  6. Hello Mijbil,
    What fantastic pictures. It looks so ebautiful.
    Big hug,