Thursday, March 28, 2013

March moments

Warning: this post will mainly be about food. : )

So, I went to the dentist today since my toothache only got worse in time. It was painful, but at least now I can eat again, and I assure you that I am extremely thankful for that!

I have been cooking quite a lot recently (well, apart from these last few days of course), and I wanted to share with you the results of my efforts. Since the good season is approaching, we switched to light, healthy food - delicious sushi for example, but also several home made recipes and salads. 

And that's why after several days of almost-starving due to my teeth, my monthly recap post features so many food pics.
Hope you will enjoy! : )

Coffee break with jam&flowers!

Zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes.. ready for the oven! : )

Weekend crêpes, great if you need to gather some eggshells for your Easter projects! ;P

Some more tulips, because of reasons. :D

 Despite being Italian, we do not eat much pasta. Still, this is one of my favourite versions: sundried tomatoes, paprika, broccoli and black olives. Easy, quick and scrumptious! 

Colorful details..

..almost a duckface..

..and a delicious Persian dinner cooked by an Iranian friend (everything was just perfect!)

Hoarfrost and snow (already posted, but I like these pics so much!)

..a fresh, colourful lunch..

..crêpes again, this time with white chocolate and fresh strawberries..

..and probably my all time favourite salad: roasted carrots, fresh goat cheese, green leaves, rocket, avocado and balsamic vinagre. Trust me, you need to try this! : )

And the final result is that now my jeans fit much better! :D
I know it's a bit early to wish you a nice weekend, but tomorrow is a holiday here in Sweden, so I am already in a festive mood.
Big hugs, and don't forget to join my giveaway! : )


  1. I love food posts :) They always make me want to go home and bake!

    I'm glad you got your toothache taken care of too... nothing is worse!!


  2. I piatti presentati devono essere buoni! Grazie,Manu

  3. Hello from Spain: I'm glad you're better than your toothache. The salad is my favorite food. It's always a very healthy food. Keep in touch

  4. Yum what a delicious range of food and colours.

  5. se ve todo buenisimo , y me alegro de que tus muelas ya no duelan



  6. mamma mia...mi è venuta fame solo a guardare queste foto!!

  7. Ciao bella!!hai stimolato la mia acquolina primordiale!!! :D bellissime le foto, mi sono piaciuti anche i DIY sulle uova del post precedente!
    un bacio

  8. So glad your toothache is gone :) Wonderful food pictures Thank goodness I have already eaten hehe. Wishing you a wonderful Easter.
    Hugs Maria