Friday, March 8, 2013

Mimosa flowers & new in

Hi everyone, and best wishes to all the ladies! : )
In Italy, the usual way to celebrate International Women's Day is offering a little mimosa bouquet, and even if this is not a Swedish tradition, I'll afford the chilly, windy weather to see if I can get at least a tiny twig of these little fragrant flowers. 

And now back to miniatures! : )
I have been working like crazy recently, and these are just a few of the new creations for my shop. 
The ones you can see here are cute, cheerful little creatures whcih are meant to bring a smile and celebrate springtime, but I warn you, brave hobbits and fierce dragons are coming soon! :D

Hope you'll like them!
Wish you all a nice weekend, and once again, happy women's day to all the ladies!
Big hugs,

Ps: I am offering a 15% off coupon code for all the items in my shop, during the whole weekend. 
The code is 


and you just need to insert it during checkout. Just in case you want to indulge in a little treat! ; )

Pps: while I was looking for a nice mimosa pic to put in my post, I stumbled upon the stunning mowielicious food&photography  blog. So not only I got the image I was looking for, but also a scrumptious chocolate&passion fruit macarons recipe. Go check out the whole blog, it is a pleasure for eyes and a temptation for your stomach! : )


  1. I love your tiny creatures! ;)

  2. Hello from Spain, your tiny creatures are awesome. Your creations are very cute. Awesome Job. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for the good wishes which I reciprocate heart.
    All your miniatures are really wonderful artworks!


  4. Exciting with all the different traditions there are around the 8. March. Thanks for your comment on my patience. My patience is nothing compared to yours, I do not understand how you can make such, small a duck and get all the fine small expressions and attributes. I know the little bottles, I just need to put a lace on, an it gives me great challenges. Impressive.

  5. Le tue miniminiature mi lasciano sempre con il fiato sospese... minuscole e perfette!!!

  6. Meravigliose piccolissime miniature sei bravissima!!!!kiss

  7. Siempre me voy fascinanda con tus pequeñas criaturas.
    Mi preferida esta vez es el gatito lila en la taza, es una moneria.
    besitos ascension

  8. Oh yes! I Like them all. They are all so tiny and cute.

    Hälsning från Lil

  9. Какая прелесть!
    Какие маленькие чудеса! Супер!

  10. I love your new so cute items. I love the tiny relaxed cat in the mug.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Oddio ma sei bravissima, non ero mai passata di qui prima d'ora! E ripasserò senz'altro...

  12. Everything that you make is so beautiful!!! You tiny duck is so adorable!!! Keep up the good work!!

    Hugs Sharon

  13. Che meraviglia, hai una manualità e creatività eccezionali!!

  14. que bonita tradicion , esos pequeños muñequitos son una delicia ,me encantan y me maravilla que puedas hacerlos tan pequeños



  15. Lovely new small creatures!!
    I love the cat in the cup!

  16. your miniatures are always so cute!! I love them!! hugs

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