Thursday, April 18, 2013

The black line

While my boyfriend was in France, I used some extra time to create a mini jewelry collection (am I allowed to call it a "collection" even if it's just three pieces?) : )
Anyway, it all started with a beautiful fragment of mother of pearl that I found at some friends' house on a snowy Sunday afternoon. They said I could take it, and I could almost immediately immagine a little brooch in black and gold with the little shell chip in it. I used black and light turquoise polymer clay, and golden leaf to add a touch of sparkle. Not my usual kind of work, but it was a funny experiment. : )

Next came the fuchsia pendant, a bit irregular but very good looking when worn on a white shirt, I think. Creating the arrow pattern without using any paint, just clay in different colours, wasn't easy at all, but I love the idea that now the colours are never going to fade or chip off. : )

And finally, the metal bangle. Again, clay and golden leaf, a slightly irregular organic shape and the same colours of the brooch - aqua, black and gold. Bold eye-catching jewelry is something I have always loved, and I am thinking about a giant statement necklace in the same style.
Do you think it might be a good idea? 


  1. Lovely jewellery, I think a large necklace to match would be an excellent idea.

  2. che carini questi gioielli! bravissima!
    un bacione dall'italia

  3. molto colorati, non mi dispiacciono, anche se non sono una portatrice abituale di gioielli...

  4. Definitely do a big necklace. Look forward to seeing it if you do.

  5. These are beautiful jewelry mijbil! I love the design, fantastic work.
    The color black is not my favorite, but this time it is :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. creo que es muy bonito, y te animo a que hagas el gran collar ,estoy deseando verlos



  7. Pazza per il bracciale ^___^ ... mmm... la collana??? grandiosa idea direi!!!!