Friday, May 31, 2013

May moments

(Or: let's focus on the good things)

The huge fires of Valborg, the day before May 1st. A traditional Swedish festival to celebraate springtime with bonfires and marshmallows!

A lovely springtime lunch (expecially when you're in a hurry!): fruit sallad&vanilla yogurt, yum!

A colourful outfit for a babysitting afternoon : )

Making new friends..

(..that come in different sizes..)

..and carrying the old ones with you - Elliot the Elephant was delighted to join us for a lunch in the countryside!

(expecially because after a scrumptious buffet there were giant jars of handmade cookies!)

And of course, exploring the beauties of Southern Spain with my boyfriend!

..who keeps cooking for me (spicy corn paddies with yogurt dip, here)..

..and providing home baked bread : )

And yes, when I'm in the right mood, I provide him some treats too : )

And that's how life goes on here in our little town.
We never stop thinking about the people who are not with us anymore, we always keep in mind how lucky we are to be able to share so much joy and peace.

Big hugs to all of you, amy friends, and my best wishes of happiness and luck to all of you.


  1. Hello Mijbil,
    How can I concentrate on worjk after seeing those incredible pictures!
    Have a great day and say hi to your boyfriend,
    Big hug,

  2. Great photos. Your blog is always interesting. xo Jennifer

  3. You always post such beautiful uplifting photos. I love the look of those spicy corn paddies and bread your boyfriend cooked for you. Yum.

  4. Oh wow... so much delicious food, and it looks like you had such a lovely time! (hehe, and I like that there was pink somewhere in everything you wore XD )