Friday, May 17, 2013

Spain, day 3

Hello from Sevilla! : )

This whole morning my sweet boyfriend was busy with his workshop, so I had to explore the town on my own.
And Sevilla is definitely the right place to wander around, because after every corner you might step into a beautiful garden, a ceramic mosaic on a bench or a quiet fountain in the middle of a little hidden square.

I decided to use the time for those activities that my boyfriend does not appreciate so much: art museums and a bit of shopping - which I do not enjoy much in my everyday life, but which can become a lovely experience when exploring the little shops and local markets of an unknown town.  : )

The only problem?
In the early afternoon it started raining, and at the same time I discovered that my companion would have been busy all day due to a meeting longer than expected. And I was freezing - Sevilla today was 5 degrees colder than southern Sweden! 
So, let me share something with you - if you find yourself  alone, wet and cold under the rain in a foreign city, and you still enjoy it, then you can tell for sure that the place is special! : )

Plus, the solution was obvious: extra tapas in a little bar, waiting for the sun to come back again (and it did, after a while) ; )

And this is me at the end of the afternoon, trying to find the courage for a little bath in the swimming pool on the hotel terrace - I had a bikini in my bag, but the wind was really chilly and in the end I did not dare (but maybe tomorrow I'll get braver). 
And at least from the terrace the view on the park was absolutely stunning!

We finally spent the night with a tour of tapas bars recommended by a local friend. And of course there is no way to tell if the cheese salad with almonds and raspberry sauce was better than the salmorejo with jamon, or than the roasted tuna slices, or than the pork stew, or than the secreto ibérico with caramelized onions, or than the chicken with bechamel, or than the bacalao bits, or than.. 
(fades into silence and food-induced sleep).


  1. Wow! Sevilla looks fantastic!! Wonderful photos!
    Have fun:)

  2. cuanto me alegro de que te guste Sevilla, veo que eres aventurera y disfrutas de la visita pase lo que pase , eso es muy bueno, estos dias estamos teniendo por todo el pais un poco de frio, veo que sigues disfrutando bien de la comida



  3. Eso, eso....tu a las tapitas.
    Son preciosas las fotos; tienen un colorido maravilloso. Sigue disfrutando de tus vacaciones.

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