Sunday, June 30, 2013

June moments

Hello, and sorry for the long time with no posts! : )

As you might have noticed, I made a few changes in the template of the blog.
Now it should be easier to reach my Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest profiles, and both my Etsy and Storenvy shops.

I also added the possibility to follow Mijbil Creatures with Bloglovin', since Google Reader is closing.
Hope you like the new look of the blog! : )

I am probably going to add a few more features, but for now I am kind of satisfied with the result..

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon here in Sweden, and since it is also the last day of the month jt is definitely time for the "June Moments" pics! : )

Many bbqs.. because apparently in Sweden people like to grill everything, from meat to fish to veggies.
And since the days are so long and light, it is lovely to spend the evenings outdoor and enjoy many different barbeques!

In good company: my boyfriend's mother and sister came to visit us for a weekend!
And having guests at home is always an extra chance to explore our little town..

Oh, did I mention that during summertime there are parakeets in the park?

Sunlight, flowers and the seaside.. I know you already saw these pics, but they just make me happy, expecially on a rainy day like today

And yes, if the weather is bad there's nothing better than 
a cup of tea and a lazy afternoon on the sofa :)

Now, in case you are wondering why I am wearing a pink flower crown in the first pic of this post, you have to know that in Sweden Midsummer is - apart from Christmas - probably the most important celebration of the year.
We spent it outdoor with friends, and enjoyed the traditional Swedish buffet - herrings, salmon, boiled eggs, potatoes and créme fraiche.. and quite a lot of schnapps (namely very strong shots of alcohol), to be honest, but we couldn't really fight the Scandinavian tradition, right? : )

Anyway, the best part of it is that girls get to wear fancy dresses and flower crowns - I wish I could do that everyday!

But I guess that to compensate a nice pic of me with a romantic expression.. takes another one with one of my usual silly faces! :D

And speaking of flowers, here is something else I adore about living in Sweden: it is always possible to find a wide range of wild flowers everywhere, which can make your house look really colourful!

And to close the post, here's a few random things that just make me happy! : )

Feeling like a woman because for once in my life I managed to wear matching cardigan, shoes and lipstick!

Teeny tiny bottles of red wine (with a cute tag..)

..lazy mornings in bed..

..the last book by Douglas Hofstadter..

..homebaked blueberry cupcakes..

..and unexpected flowers from a friend! : )

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!


  1. Amazing pics of a great moments!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics showing fabulous food, flowers, home and your fun and creative personality.

  3. It looks like a lovely summer so far :)