Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July moments (and first pics from Scotland!)

Hello from the West Highlands, and sorry for not having written sooner! : )

Scotland is - so far - absolutely stunning, but we're having the king of "on the road" holiday which really does not leave much time to use a laptop at all.
We're spending our second night on the wonderful island of Skye, and tomorrow we'll go kayaking in the area! The weather is unpredictable but overall reasonably warm and sunny, the food is really good, the people are friendly and the landscapes absolutely breathtaking. We coulnd't ask for more!

But since it's already the end of July, and I want to keep up the tradition of a little recap post at the end of the month, I'll leave you with a few pics from the last weeks - Swedish summer, mainly, and berries from our friends' garden : )

I think there's no better way to describe the mood of Northern summer than the bright, wonderful colours of wild flowers. Flowering begins at the end of March, and goes on till September. 
The amount and variety of blossoms never stops to amaze me!

Another thing I never get tired of: ducklings! : )
There are new broods of baby ducks in the park's pond now, while those we used to feed a couple months ago are now hungry, sociable and slightly awkward young mallards.

Days are long, warm and sunny. We found the time to train and even to enjoy some outdoor activities (mainly bicycle rides, BBQs and reading in the garden)

Oh, and my beautiful mother came to visit us, too! : )

And finally, on a hot summer day we left sunny Sweden..

..to reach the almost-as-sunny city of Edinburgh, our first destination and starting point for our Scottish tour! 

Hopefully within a couple days I'll manage to upload more pics from the trip - which has been awesome so far! Many thanks in advance to anyone who will stop by and see what's going on! ; )

Big hugs,


Friday, July 26, 2013

Scotland here we come!

Finally leaving for some Scottish holidays!

Visiting Scotland has been a longtime dream of mine, which is now coming true.
Our flight to Edimburgh will take off in a few hours!  : )

I'll try to update the blog as much as possible, and share pics&sensations from the trip, in case you want to follow my adventures. And I wish the most lovely holidays to all of you!

PS: we never leave without one of our little plushies (we need company for the trip, eheh) and in this case the selected companion was Jerome, the little Apatosaurus. Quite appropriately, he's already trying to spot the Loch Ness creature on the map! :D

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer shades

Shades of purple and pink from our garden. : )
Mainly hydrangea flowers, with just a hint of roses and lavender.
Hope you enjoy! : )

Bonus: Lev and the rosebush (just look at how proud he is! ;D )

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Russian bunny

When a blogger disappears for a while, it might be due to the need of a little break or to the fact that he/she has been really super busy. : )

For me, the first option was true up to a week or two ago, while now I definitely fall into the latter category! :D

I am working like crazy these days, mainly because I'm trying to plan ahead for the next months.
But since I have been really missing my little blog, I decided to share a few pics of the latest addition to my miniatures collection: please welcome Lev, the little felted bunny!

Lev means "lion" in Russian, and I chose this name for him because

a) he actually comes from Russia 
b) despite his cute appearance, he has a lot of spirit and he's a brave little guy!

Here he's modeling with Momomela, my mini Ddung that you've already met here, in her lovely bear outfit. : )

Hope you'll like the pics, and remember that Mijbil Creatures is now on Storenvy. 
Don't forget to subscribe! : )

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(yes, Lev even has a tiny heart on his chubby bottom ^__^ )

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tiny Bilbo

Maybe it is because of the summer heat (yes, even here in Sweden!) or maybe it's because of the intensive Swedish course that I have every morning, or maybe some July laziness.. recently I have been feeling quite weak and sluggish.
And of course at the same time I am getting many commissions, messages and a surprise visit of my mom from Italy. : )

And I guess that explains why I am so late.. so, to anyone who has been waiting for an answer from me, please be patient. I am trying to catch up with everything as soon as I can (and I think it's time I get something more energetic to eat too..uff, summertime always makes me so feeble, and my blood pressure drops all the time!)

Apart from this, everything is fine here. Both my bf and I are having fun with my mom - yes, of course I am very happy about her being here! - and I'm trying to fight this general sense of lazyness with some new projects and plans.
Speaking of what, I hope you'll like these teeny tiny versions of Mr. Bilbo Baggins from "The Hobbit".
Tolkien's characters are always between my favourites, and in this case I chose to reproduce both tiny Bilbo and his Hobbit house, Bag End.
The terrarium is already available in my shop, and I am going to list the other figurines soon enough.. and soon I'll be also ready to show you my fiished Munny Thorin! : )

Wish you all a lovely week,
big hugs,