Saturday, August 31, 2013

August moments

And August is already over!
Maybe it's because of the many things going on, or maybe it's just me getting older, but it really seems to me that weeks are flying away faster than anytime before! Do you ever feel the same?

September will be here in a few hours, and I don't feel ready at all! Don't get me wrong, I love autumn months and I can't wait for the leaves to turn bright red and the bushes to be burdened by colourful berries (I am already picking blackberries and plums from the parks, to be honest). Bt I feel like I need a bit more time to keep up with the many projects I'm working on! : )

Anyway, most of the posts to come will go back to what this blog is supposed to be about, namely miniatures and any kind of cute little things! But first, one more smmer post to sum up the lovely weeks that have gone by so fast.. will you follow me once again? : )

So, in no particular order we had:

Coming back to sunny Scandinavia after our Scottish trip..

..teeny tiny souvenirs from the holidays..

..roasted corncobs (well, they weren't roasted yet when I took this pic)

--and many crayfish parties, because it isn't summer in Sweden without a gathering of people eating langoustines and drinking schnapps! : )

(but you can always add a touch of Italian flavour with an eye-catching choice of starters, of course!)

 A new laptop (finally!)

..and a colourful pijama to brighten up a rainy morning!

Home baked pizza (the triangular shape is mainly due to the fact that it was my bf's first attempt.. and it was delicious!)

And speaking of baking..we also had handmade caramel croissants..

..and their miniature version too! : )

We've had gorgeous Swedish snsets, as usual..

..more friends visiting us..

..and all the excitement of the Festival in Malmö!

(can you immagine me - the quiet, homely and slightly lazy me - in the middle of a hip-hop concert? :D )

And in fact, other than that our August was pretty simple:

some healthy running..

..drawing big chalk animals for the kids in the neighbourhood..

..and buying flowers from the same kids in the garden (for about 10 cents per flower ;P )

And a bit of cooking, of course - today, for example, we had home-made egg linguine with salmon, fresh tomato and asparagus, yum! The scrumptious recipe is from Tartellette. : )

Ps: I have started updating my shop by re-stocking an old time favourite, the bulb vial micro terrarium with the tiny gnome in it. The new version has a silver key charm on top!

And I also created a OOAK version of it with a mushroom standing next to the pixie, which will be available soon! Bt stay tuned, because September will bring a lot of news here on Mijbil Creatures! : )


  1. Anch'io ho l'impressione che il tempo voli! Forse perché sono impegnata... non mi ero accorta che avessi una pagina FB, rimedio subito!

  2. Hello :) Your month may have gone by very fast but it was very full. It looks like you had a fantastic month. Thank you for sharing :) Cant wait to see what you get up to in September :)))
    Hugs Maria

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of that month ends. . Keep in touch

  4. Sento un po' il sapore della nostalgia... Ma conosci Matteo? E' un po' che non lo vedo, ma mi sembra proprio lui.

  5. ahah sì, è proprio lui, è vento a trovarci con un paio di nostre amiche.. non avevo idea che vi conosceste! :D

  6. *"venuto"* (la "u" del nuovo pc funziona maluccio, mi sa che ci saranno un sacco di "u" mancanti nei prossimi post :(

  7. You're right, I'm not ready to start autumn too... Lovely photos, I see you've enjoyed summer:)
    Hugs, Candy:)