Monday, September 30, 2013

September moments

Hello, and thanks for your lovely supporting messages! : )

Time for the usual end-of-the-month summary pics, but first let me thank you for somethng else also. A couple weeks ago, Mijbil Creatures reached its first 150.000 blog hits!
I know that there's plenty of much more famous and popular blogs out there, but for such a little corner devoted to miniatures and handmade little things, it was a great result, and I am thankful to anyone who stopped by to see what's going on. And there are never been as many visitors on Mijbil Creatres as in this last month, so thank you once more for letting this little blog grow happy and in good company! : )

Oh, and my cold is almost gone!
I feel much better now - thanks to a cople days of rest and a relevant amount of hot chocolate, which always helps. I could even dare to spend a couple hours in the park to pick fresh apples - more apple pies coming soon then! ; )

The last weeks were overall rather lovely. The weather was sunny most of the times..

..and warm enough to allow some weekend breakfasts on the balcony..

..with a lovely view on our still-very-green garden! : )

Of course there are berries all around the house and along the bicycle path that leads downtown..

..and the beautiful colours of Scandinavian autumn.

I have been working hard both to restock old favourites in my shop (dragons are coming!)  and create a new collection (can't wait to show you all of the new Christmas pieces!)..

..but I also managed to create a tiny pixie hat for my Scottish fairy - felt + beads and embellishments, in delicate shades of silver and pink.

Oh, and I got myself a little treat too! : )

Although I am definitely not a fashionable creature, I indulged in a black&white striped jumper - not strictly necessary, if I have to be honest, but a cute&comfy addition to my closet for sure! : P

And that's all for this month!
I wish you a lovely week, and I can already promise you a HUGE lot of surprises coming soon - October will be a special month! : )

Big hugs,


Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a tiny squirrel..


Perfectly on time like almost every year, the first cold of autmn is here.. and it carried a persistent headache, runny nose and the urge of snuggling under a warm blanket with a cup of hot herbal infusion. 

Therefore, sorry about the very quick post. This little squirrel is here to apologize in my behalf, and wish you all a nice weekend..

..along with a happy gifset from KittyCatDaily!
Because seriously, if a kitten playing with a bunch of fallen leaves doesn't bring yo a smile, I don't know what could!  : )

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giveaway winner, a scrumptious recipe & a miniature surprise!

Time to draw a winner for my little Halloween giveaway!

But since there were many more entries than I expected for such a short and simple contest, I decided to add a tiny bat pendant (with a key charm and two glass beads like two blood droplets) and a miniature pumpkin in a vial. They will all go to the lucky winner! : )

There are currently 41 comments to the giveaway post. 
Ok, I'm a bit nervous. It's the first time that I use instead of the classic pieces of paper for a giveaway, and I'm about to press the Generate button. Ready?

Number 5!
And therefore the winner is.. Jane-Chérie! Congrats dear, I will ship your tiny prizes as soon as possible!
And of course, many thanks to all who entered the giveaway. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm definitely planning to have another one soon! : )

Oh, by the way I have created a total of four tiny pumpkin vials.
And while one is part of the giveaway prize, the other three are available in my Etsy ans Storenvy shops. : )

But I also got a lovely surprise today!
It was delivered by the postman, and it brought a big smile on my face that won't fade away any time soon. Time to introduce the latest addition to my miniature collection: Cipì, the little bluebird.
He came from the amazingly talented Vicky of Lovejoy Bears, and there is really no way to describe the cuteness and perfection of this little thing! : )

My pics don't really do any justice to his actual beauty. He is even more detailed, tiny and adorable in real life. I can't stop looking at him, and I don't understand how such a minuscule creature can be so perfectly handcrafted! : )
Thank you so much Vicky! I promise that he will be much loved!

And finally, since in the blog post I also promised you a delicious recipe, here it is: Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies by Just a Taste.
I baked these tasty little pies last night, and I can confirm that they are easy to make and absolutely scrumptious - ok, maybe not so much on the healthy side, given the amount of butter, but they taste heavenly!
Bonus point, they turned out just as good looking as in Kelly's pics!

 (pics from

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gnome terrariums: a pop twist!

Hello my dear friends, and welcome to the new ones! : )

It's a dark September evening, and in a few hours - at midnight - autumn will be officially here. And I am already wrapped in a cozy burgundy sweater!

Also, I will be alone for the whole weekend - my boyfriend is enjoying a little trip to Berlin, and I'll be working on the many miniature projects that lay on my table. 
Mushrooms and gnomes seemed like the perfect autumnal theme to me, and while I am still working on a whole lot of terrariums featring "traditional" colours - mainly red and white, both for the pixies and the toadstools - I also decided to create a bunch of micro gardens in bright pop shades. Acid green and fuschia, what do you think about this mix? 

The ceramic mugs you see in these pics are surprisingly tiny, just 8 mm high (approx one third of an inch!). 
I love the idea of a teeny tiny terrarium that can be placed anywhere, on the corner of a laptop or directly on the desk, to brighten up a working place.

But I also wanted to create some sightly more complex fairy gardens. So I took some little crown-shaped charms, and I filled them with colourful mushrooms in different sizes and shapes, tiny elves, micro beads, handsculpted branches and a bit of real moss. And here's the result! : )

They are very tiny too!

And I think from now on I will always keep one of these on my laptop, they just look so cute - you can also spot my favourite dotted mug in the pic below. And with a cup of hot coffee, a cozy cardigan and a tiny gnome keeping me company, I am ready for the incoming autmn season! : )

Ps: the gnome terrariums are - or will be soon - available in my Etsy shop
Pps: don't miss the next post, since I'll draw the winner of my little Halloween giveaway! : )

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today I want: mustard yellow

Inevitably and periodically, I get slightly obsessed with yellow shades. : )

The funny fact is that, as much as I like it, yellow tends to look rather bad on me. I love the contrast between bright yellow clothes and very dark hair, I also admire how golden shades match fairskinned blondies, and I like even more the effect of vibrant yellow paired to darker skin tones. But on me, with my brown hair and pale complexion, the final effect tends to be rather unappealing - and that's why I try to avoid sudden purchases of yellow pieces. Yet still, I am attracted to them like a bee to flowers! :D

But that's what Pinterest is for, right? So here's a few of my favourite mustard picks for the incoming autmnal season. They all come from my Pinterest boards, which you might want to follow for cute little findings, awesome artworks, funny tutorials and random inspirations freshly picked almost every day. ; ) 

From top to bottom:
1) Bike Brooch via Between the Neon and the Sea
2) Squish Brooch by Rachel Timmins
3) Patterned socks from Maindish 

1)DIY tiny house necklace tutorial from Dani via Kittenhood
2) Chunky Knit Cardigan in Marigold, via Asos
3) OK bag via Holabosque

1) Golden leaves (via Pinterest)
2) Frida Gustavsson photographed by Vanessa Jackman
4) Yellow bird brooch by cOnieco on Etsy

1) Citron leather bag from BAGGU via
2) Reading steps by Céline Condorelli and Harry Thaler
3) Blythe boots from Plumo
4) Kettle by Susan Driscoll

1) Knit stool covers by Claire-Anne O'Brien
2) Bee doll by Evangelione (more about her work here)
3) Yellow pottery via Est Magazine

And you, do you ever obsess for a while about a single color? Which one is your current favorite? I accept suggestions for the next selection of lovely little things! : )
Wish you all a nice week!

Ps: still in time to join my mini GIVEAWAY! : )

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tiny Halloween terrariums & mini GIVEAWAY!

News I promised, and news I shall bring! : )

I know, I know, Halloween is still far away, but I couldn't wait to show you my brand new micro terrariums.. aren't they cute? : )

Moreover, since a little giveaway is included, I wanted to make sure to have plenty of time to send the winner his/her prize in time for the spookiest night of the year!

Every terrarium includes a teeny tiny kawaii witch - and, as usual, even if they don't look so tiny in pics, they are no higher than 1 cm (approx half an inch) hat included!

Every witch needs a miniature pumpkin..

..and all together they look like a tiny army!

I added a handsculpted, handpainted magic mushroom to each terrarium..

..and a mix of yellow and green moss to add texture to the bottom of the "garden".

I particularly like how the cauldrons look a bit irregular and rusty, since it adds an extra touch of "witchery" to there miniature scenes. And the pots only measure 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter, just look at how small they are! :D

They can be put on display or worn as Halloween pendants, and they are now available in my Etsy shop!

But there's a little extra too..

A miniature witch who is very similar to her sisters in the terrariums, just slightly bigger (1.5 cm), with purple eyes and a thin layer of glaze to protect her - she's and adventurous little girl, and she'll travel the world to reach one of you. : )

This is just a little giveaway (while I'm still planning some surprises for fall&winter!), with the simplest rules: just be a follower of Mijbil Creatures (either via Blogger/Google or Bloglovin') and leave a comment to this post. In case you decide to join, make sure that there's a contact or a link so that I can write to you if you are the lucky winner!

And if you want, feel free to grab the banner as well! : )

The giveaway is open to my readers from any place in the world, and will end within 10 days or so, so be quick and don't miss the chance!

Wish you a lovely day,
spooky hugs,

Mijbil ♥