Monday, September 30, 2013

September moments

Hello, and thanks for your lovely supporting messages! : )

Time for the usual end-of-the-month summary pics, but first let me thank you for somethng else also. A couple weeks ago, Mijbil Creatures reached its first 150.000 blog hits!
I know that there's plenty of much more famous and popular blogs out there, but for such a little corner devoted to miniatures and handmade little things, it was a great result, and I am thankful to anyone who stopped by to see what's going on. And there are never been as many visitors on Mijbil Creatres as in this last month, so thank you once more for letting this little blog grow happy and in good company! : )

Oh, and my cold is almost gone!
I feel much better now - thanks to a cople days of rest and a relevant amount of hot chocolate, which always helps. I could even dare to spend a couple hours in the park to pick fresh apples - more apple pies coming soon then! ; )

The last weeks were overall rather lovely. The weather was sunny most of the times..

..and warm enough to allow some weekend breakfasts on the balcony..

..with a lovely view on our still-very-green garden! : )

Of course there are berries all around the house and along the bicycle path that leads downtown..

..and the beautiful colours of Scandinavian autumn.

I have been working hard both to restock old favourites in my shop (dragons are coming!)  and create a new collection (can't wait to show you all of the new Christmas pieces!)..

..but I also managed to create a tiny pixie hat for my Scottish fairy - felt + beads and embellishments, in delicate shades of silver and pink.

Oh, and I got myself a little treat too! : )

Although I am definitely not a fashionable creature, I indulged in a black&white striped jumper - not strictly necessary, if I have to be honest, but a cute&comfy addition to my closet for sure! : P

And that's all for this month!
I wish you a lovely week, and I can already promise you a HUGE lot of surprises coming soon - October will be a special month! : )

Big hugs,



  1. felicidades por esa gran cantidad de visitas en tu blog, no es para menos
    me alegro de que el tiempo sea mejor
    esos pequeños dragones son preciosos y el sombrero para el hada una monada
    ese jersey es muy bonito , has hecho bien



  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of September. I love the stripes. Nice jersey. Keep in touch

  3. Your pictures are always beautiful. I love the jumper it looks fantastic on you :) We all need a treat now and then ;)
    Hugs Maria

  4. Congratulations on the first 150.000 blog hits! I bet there are many more to come =)
    And I love the jumper, very nice!! And the cute dragons!

  5. Yum apple pies, and I adore your little dragons.

  6. Bueno que tiempo más espléndido, me gustan las fotos y me gustan tus creaciones, los dragoncitos son una monada. Un beso

  7. I love the little dragons! You look great in that short! And it seem so comfy!