Monday, September 16, 2013

Today I want: mustard yellow

Inevitably and periodically, I get slightly obsessed with yellow shades. : )

The funny fact is that, as much as I like it, yellow tends to look rather bad on me. I love the contrast between bright yellow clothes and very dark hair, I also admire how golden shades match fairskinned blondies, and I like even more the effect of vibrant yellow paired to darker skin tones. But on me, with my brown hair and pale complexion, the final effect tends to be rather unappealing - and that's why I try to avoid sudden purchases of yellow pieces. Yet still, I am attracted to them like a bee to flowers! :D

But that's what Pinterest is for, right? So here's a few of my favourite mustard picks for the incoming autmnal season. They all come from my Pinterest boards, which you might want to follow for cute little findings, awesome artworks, funny tutorials and random inspirations freshly picked almost every day. ; ) 

From top to bottom:
1) Bike Brooch via Between the Neon and the Sea
2) Squish Brooch by Rachel Timmins
3) Patterned socks from Maindish 

1)DIY tiny house necklace tutorial from Dani via Kittenhood
2) Chunky Knit Cardigan in Marigold, via Asos
3) OK bag via Holabosque

1) Golden leaves (via Pinterest)
2) Frida Gustavsson photographed by Vanessa Jackman
4) Yellow bird brooch by cOnieco on Etsy

1) Citron leather bag from BAGGU via
2) Reading steps by Céline Condorelli and Harry Thaler
3) Blythe boots from Plumo
4) Kettle by Susan Driscoll

1) Knit stool covers by Claire-Anne O'Brien
2) Bee doll by Evangelione (more about her work here)
3) Yellow pottery via Est Magazine

And you, do you ever obsess for a while about a single color? Which one is your current favorite? I accept suggestions for the next selection of lovely little things! : )
Wish you all a nice week!

Ps: still in time to join my mini GIVEAWAY! : )


  1. yellow seems to be a favorite of mine lately :) love all this stuff!

  2. My favorite color was orange but after looking at all the eye candy you posted YELLOW is my new favorite!

  3. Hello Mijbil,
    It is a beautiful color and the pictures are wonderful. My current color obsession is red!
    Big hug,

  4. wooow! the little witch it's very beautiful! ;) big hugs!!

  5. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for including my DIY project in your fabulous collection :)

  6. Isn't Pinterest a great resource. I'm loving those reading steps.