Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! : )

This tiny bear and I wish that you have a spooky night, 
a ghostly party, some scary candies and overall a terrific Halloween! : )

Big hugs,

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October moments

Many thanks to all those who already entered my little squirrel giveaway, and a warm welcome to the new readers of Mijbil Creatures! : )
It's a stormy and windy evening, and while tonight's soups softly simmers on the stove, I will share my favourite October pics. Some of these were actually taken by my dad, who came to visit us earlier this month.

I really hope I will be able to convey at least a tiny bit of the endless wonder of Scandinavian autumn! : )

 yep, that's me feeding the ducks, once again! : )

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tiny squirrel tutorial & mini GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Here in Sweden it's quite dark and rainy today, which means it is ok to stay at home to craft, bake and drink hot chocolate! : )

So, here's a little project that I hope you will enjoy. Since my squirrel necklace got so much attention both on Pinterest and Facebook, I decided to share a little tutorial about the making of. This little squirrel in particular is climbing onto a miniature macaron, but you can easy adapt the tutorial to add any accessory you like to your tiny creature. : )

But if you are not feeling crafty, don't you worry. I am also hosting a mini giveaway, so you'll get the chance to win a little squirrel along with a miniature box of macarons!
Just scroll down to the end of this post for the rules, and good luck! ; )

And now, time for the step by step tutorial! : )

You will need polymer clay in three colours of your choice.
I used a light brown for the sqirrel's body, a warm shade of lilac for the macaron shells and pure white for the ganache, but you can choose pretty much any colour you like. : )

Let's start from the macaron's shells. Just roll up two tiny balls of clay - you decide the size! 
Usually, the tinier, the more complicated, so if you are not very confident with miniatures you might want to try a larger version first. : )

Gently press the two spheres on a piece of tin foil, trying to give them a slightly convex shape.
Not too chubby, not too flat, that's the secret for a perfect macaron!

There are many tutorials available for sculpting miniature macarons.
This is my favourite method, which has the advantage of being easy and quick. Just use a toothpick to create a nice texture all around each shell. For very tiny macarons (less than a quarter of an inch) the point of a needle is a better tool.

Once you have textured the shells all around, bake them in the oven according to the clay instructions.

Time to fill the macaron with a little bit of "ganache"! : )
If you want to make the ganache a bit stickier, you can mix the clay with a bit of water or liquid polymer clay, bt in most cases this won't be necessary if the clay you are using has been conditioned until it is warm and soft.

Now, for the squirrel body, start from another tiny ball of brown clay and pinch it on one side until you create two little "horns" (they will be the squirrel's forelegs).

Gently push it on the macaron - our tiny squirrel is a 
little glutton trying to climb onto the cookie! : )

Two tiny tiny balls of clay will work great as feet..

..and a larger one will be the head. 
Use a toothpick (or a tiny crochet hook) to shape the ears..

..and gently apply them onto the head.

Ant then, of course, the head goes onto the body! 
As you can see, I pinched a bit the squirrel's ears to make them slightly longer/pointier.

Finally, shape a "pointy sausage" for the tail, and bend it into an "S" shape..

..and there you go, the squirrel is now ready for baking! : )
Once it comes out of the oven, you can start painting it with acrilyc paints. 
You will need just 4 colours:

Black for the eyes.

Dark brown for the ear tips, plus a tiny dot for the nose and a large stripe on the back and up to the top of the tail. : )

And the final touch, pink on the sqirrel's cheeks, a bit of pure white to brighten up the eyes.

Here's your finished squirrel! 
Isn't he cute?

If you want a chance to adopt this little fellow and his box of macarons, these are the rules:

1) be a follower of Mijbil Creatures
2) add a comment to this post
3) (optional) share this little banner on your blog

The winner will be chosen at random at the beginning of November.
Good luck to you all! : )

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Artisans I love Halloween edition #2: creepily awesome!

I know it took me more than expected to complete my collection of creepy, spooky and amazing little creatures. I had a rather intense week, not to mention an unexpected visit from my dad, who came all the way from Italy and stayed with us a few days. But now I'm back, and ready to introduce the work of some of my favourite artists. Hope you will like them! : )

Let's start with the wonderful magic creatures from Magweno. I felt really guilty while choosing which ones to include here, because her incredible bestiarium includes an endless range of dragons, jackalopes, griphons that look just too perfect to be real. So, I warmly suggest that you check for yourself on her shop, and take the time to explore! : )

I am so much in love with Maddy's creations that I follow her on Tumblr as well!

Next stop, the fantasy world of Meowness! : )

Her Etsy shop is a whimsical gathering of tiny creatures, jointed dolls, miniatre clay houses and one of a kind t-shirts.. but for a more complete overview on her amazing creativity you should definitely browse her DeviantArt account too!

Our next fantasy world is called.. OddFauna!

I've had this Etsy shop between my favourites for quite a long time, before realizing that all the newest creations have moved to Storenvy. Still, Emma's distinctive style hasn't changed, and I am in love with the new creatures as much as I was with the old ones.
Not to mention her lovely ilustrations! : )

Some of you might already know the unique style of the talented Chris Ryniak, but that is not a good reason not to include his gorgeous little monsters!

Big black eyes, pop colours and a mix of textures, tiny mouths and long claws, these are the recrring elements in Chris' universe of wrinkled creatures.
Such an inspiration for so many artists and artisans! : )

And as yo know, I love working with vinyl toys from time to time (by the way, new Munnys coming soon!), so I couldn't really dedicate a little space in this post to two amazing art toy creators! : )

Number 1: HausOfBoz!
Colourful, bizarre and absolutely stnning, these art toys stole my heart.. and bonus point, the creator is a big fan of Watership Down! :D

Number 2: Yosiell Lorenzo

I stumbled upon his custom toys on Storenvy, and I got immediately fashinated by the mix of detailed sculpts and intricate sets, that make his items look like a compete scene from a fantasy world rather than single pieces. Go check them out!

And finally, since you know me and my hopeless addiction to cuteness (yeah, I know, I had promised a 100% creepy post, but I just couldn't resist!).. here are the fantastic creatures from the incredible Russian artist Santani!

They are rather popular on Pinterest too, so there's a chance you alreday saw them there. And if you haven't, don't miss the chance now, because seriously, can you immagine any art doll that looks more adorable than these? : )

And that's all for now!
But if you have suggestions about miniature artists/toy designers that I might inclde in my next collections, I'd love to hear that from you!

Big spooky hugs,