Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tiny squirrel tutorial & mini GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Here in Sweden it's quite dark and rainy today, which means it is ok to stay at home to craft, bake and drink hot chocolate! : )

So, here's a little project that I hope you will enjoy. Since my squirrel necklace got so much attention both on Pinterest and Facebook, I decided to share a little tutorial about the making of. This little squirrel in particular is climbing onto a miniature macaron, but you can easy adapt the tutorial to add any accessory you like to your tiny creature. : )

But if you are not feeling crafty, don't you worry. I am also hosting a mini giveaway, so you'll get the chance to win a little squirrel along with a miniature box of macarons!
Just scroll down to the end of this post for the rules, and good luck! ; )

And now, time for the step by step tutorial! : )

You will need polymer clay in three colours of your choice.
I used a light brown for the sqirrel's body, a warm shade of lilac for the macaron shells and pure white for the ganache, but you can choose pretty much any colour you like. : )

Let's start from the macaron's shells. Just roll up two tiny balls of clay - you decide the size! 
Usually, the tinier, the more complicated, so if you are not very confident with miniatures you might want to try a larger version first. : )

Gently press the two spheres on a piece of tin foil, trying to give them a slightly convex shape.
Not too chubby, not too flat, that's the secret for a perfect macaron!

There are many tutorials available for sculpting miniature macarons.
This is my favourite method, which has the advantage of being easy and quick. Just use a toothpick to create a nice texture all around each shell. For very tiny macarons (less than a quarter of an inch) the point of a needle is a better tool.

Once you have textured the shells all around, bake them in the oven according to the clay instructions.

Time to fill the macaron with a little bit of "ganache"! : )
If you want to make the ganache a bit stickier, you can mix the clay with a bit of water or liquid polymer clay, bt in most cases this won't be necessary if the clay you are using has been conditioned until it is warm and soft.

Now, for the squirrel body, start from another tiny ball of brown clay and pinch it on one side until you create two little "horns" (they will be the squirrel's forelegs).

Gently push it on the macaron - our tiny squirrel is a 
little glutton trying to climb onto the cookie! : )

Two tiny tiny balls of clay will work great as feet..

..and a larger one will be the head. 
Use a toothpick (or a tiny crochet hook) to shape the ears..

..and gently apply them onto the head.

Ant then, of course, the head goes onto the body! 
As you can see, I pinched a bit the squirrel's ears to make them slightly longer/pointier.

Finally, shape a "pointy sausage" for the tail, and bend it into an "S" shape..

..and there you go, the squirrel is now ready for baking! : )
Once it comes out of the oven, you can start painting it with acrilyc paints. 
You will need just 4 colours:

Black for the eyes.

Dark brown for the ear tips, plus a tiny dot for the nose and a large stripe on the back and up to the top of the tail. : )

And the final touch, pink on the sqirrel's cheeks, a bit of pure white to brighten up the eyes.

Here's your finished squirrel! 
Isn't he cute?

If you want a chance to adopt this little fellow and his box of macarons, these are the rules:

1) be a follower of Mijbil Creatures
2) add a comment to this post
3) (optional) share this little banner on your blog

The winner will be chosen at random at the beginning of November.
Good luck to you all! : )


  1. Complimenti molto brava :) partecipo molto volentieri e incrocio le dita. Ciao a presto ^-^.

  2. Troppo carino!! incrocio le dita pire io :D!!

  3. What a clear tutorial. I think a lot of people like this workshop.
    Thank you for sharing. I love the little fellow
    Hugs Dorien

  4. Excellent !
    Merci beaucoup pour le partage de tutoriel.
    J'aime beaucoup vos petites créatures.

  5. Fantastic!!!! you can do a beautiful job using a little fimo!!!!
    It's too cute!!!! See you soon!!!!!

  6. Che scoiattolo adorabile!
    Grazie per il tutorial.
    Partecipo al tuo mini giveaway e metto il link sul mio blog.
    Saluti, Faby

  7. cute little creature :) love the tutorial gonna have to try making one :)

  8. Hello from Spain: interesting tutorial. I like the squirrel. In my country also raining. Thanks for the draw. Keep in touch

  9. Muchas gracias por ese precioso tutorial , tengo que probarlo, pero tambien me gustaria tener la oportunidad de ganar esa preciosa ardillita , asi que cuenta conmigo
    lo anuncio en mi blog



  10. Che piccola meraviglia... ho visto solo adesso la versione nell'ampollina con il fungo... belli da sciogliersi! Il tutorial si merita un pin, ma la tua manualità non è cosa da poco!
    Incrocio le dita :)

  11. Hello Silvia,
    The tiny squirrel is absoloutely adorable!! I love his little face, I am always amazed by the tiny details on your creations!! I would love to enter this wonderful giveaway. I will add the link to my blog and thank you so much for the chance to win him :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  12. Thank you very much for the wonderful tutorial. It goes on my to try list : ))) He is adorable.
    Hugs Maria

  13. It's a wonderful tutorial, thank you very much for sharing it, the tiny squirrel is so cute, i love it!! I will try to do one! And thank you very much for this new opportunity, I put your giveaway on my blog!! Hugs

  14. Lo mejor los días lluviosos con una taza de chocolate, para hacer miniaturas, a mi me encantan.
    Fantástico tutorial, probaré a hacerlo a ver que pasa, pero mientras tanto me apunto al sorteo, sería genial tener a esa ardilla glotona. Voy a anunciar tu sorteo en mi blog y gracias por la oportunidad y por el tutorial. Besos y feliz semana!!

  15. Che meraviglia! Ti ringrazio per questa opportunità.

  16. Woderful creation. An easy to make.


  17. That squirrel is so cute and your tutorial makes it look so easy. We will see! I am definitely going to have a go, but I would still love to enter your giveaway. I will post a link on my blog.

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  19. merci pour le tuto, c'est mignon comme tout
    je participe avec plaisir au giveaway, je suis inscrite comme follower

  20. Grazie per il tutorial, è interessante e mi ha fatto apprezzare meglio i particolari della tua creaturina!! Ci provo anche con il giveaway, cosa che di solito non faccio.

  21. I would love to be entered!

    I blogged about it too on 3 of my blogs, LOL

  22. Thank you for this beautiful tutorial and a chance for the giveaway! I will add your banner to my blog :)

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    Un caro saluto.Manu

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    Have a lovely day,

  27. You tiny squirrel is wonderful and your tutorial is so clear: thanks!
    Please count me in your giveaway :-)
    I've just shared the link on my blog's sidebar.

    I will be travelling at the beginning of November: that would be a great surprise to come back home and find the little squirrel!


  28. So cute! Please count me in your giveaway :)

    I just bought a lamp with magnifying glass so might try your tutorial as the lamp helps when working with small things

  29. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! This weekend I have to do this squirrell, and also the giraffe you've shown us some days ago...
    Of course I want to take part on you fantastic giveaway, because I'm pretty sure that my squirrell won't look like yours... And because I love every tiny thing you make:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

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  39. Hola Silvia
    Has hecho un fantastico turotial, seguro que es dificilisimo hacer esa pequeña ardilla, a ti te ha quedado preciosa.
    Me encantaria tener la posibilidad de ver esa minuscula pieza al natural.
    Subo el aviso del sorteo a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

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    ciao ciao

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    Please count me in for the draw. Your link will be on my blog.
    Thanks and hugs, Drora

  48. Silvia,

    I found your blog through Drora! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Please include me in your giveaway. I put a link on my blog.

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