Friday, November 29, 2013

November moments

A few days ago I was playing around with my new camera, and I decided to shoot a few pics of my Micro Munnys. The fauns and the dragon were lovely models!

I'm glad I did that, because shortly after the turquoise faun was adopted, and he's now on his way to his new home.. in Australia!

And now, back to the usual end-of-the-month photoset. 
November flew away way quickly than I would have liked.

It was quite difficulto to focus on anything other than work - my boyfriend also had quite a lot of deadlines in the last few weeks - but we managed to get some diversions..

..such as exploring little second hand shops..

..enjoying delicios Persian food..

..and of course feeding the ducks in the park - an activity 
we try not to miss ever! : )

We had friends visiting us - aren't
they cute? : )

..and we adopted the chubbiest owl plush! 

I also found the time to work on some final commissions, before closing cstom orders until after Christmas.
And now I'm preparing the advent posts, which will start on December 1st and -hopefully! - appear every day on Mijbil Creatures until Christmas. 

Don't forget to come back this Sunday! : )

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pretty in pink

Just a very quick post to say "hi!"  : )

Many of you are artisans and miniaturists just like me, and those of you who run a shop already know that the weeks before Christmas can get a bit crazy & messy. And that's exactly what is going on at Mijbil Creatures! : )

Still, I am proud to announce that I will keep up the advent tradition, as I did the last years.
From December 1st up to Christmas, I will publish one post per day, featuring gift guides, Nordic photography, tutorials, recipes and artists that I love. And I'll try to share many inspiring ideas for your holiday decorations, greeting cards & yummy treats! : )

I have been working on this project for qite a long time, although of course there is still so much to do, and I hope you'll follow me in this adventure!

Also, the three pink fellows in the pics wanted to show up in the blog!
They all reached a new home already - the dragon anf the elf were bought from my shop, while the little puppy with the flower crown was a gift for someone special. : )

I miss them all already!

(and this is a pic of me, with crazy eyes and messy hair 
after a day of sculpting/painting/box making)  :D 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas bubbles

Hello my dear friends! : )

Dring short, dark November days, with the weather geting colder every day, the temptation to spend the weekends on the sofa all wrapped in a cozy blanket is growing stronger.. but I need to resist, and I will! : )

And seriously, with so many things to do and 3 (three!) unexpected gests at home, I need to be more efficient than ever! : ) 

The bright side is that we're having a great time together and I'm still managing to keep Mijbil Creatures updated and full of new little creations.. such as the Christmas Tree bubble necklace you see in these pics!

And of course it is always possible to find a few minutes to enjoy a hot herbal tea and a freshly baked cardamom roll while browsing a tipically Scandinavian holiday catalogue. : )

I hope you're having a great weekend too!
Big hugs,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Hat Babies: here come the dragons!

Hat Babies, generation two: a tiny army of dragons! 

Pink, white and silver - which one is your favourite? : )

I gues I'll go for..

The tiny white goat! :D
He looks a bit like a dragon too, but he's more delicate and has no dragon tail!

Also, he will be the one to introduce my new miniature boxes.. I hope you'll like them!
Five of my Hat Babies have already been adopted ad I can't wait to create some more! : )

Ps: today is also my boyfriend's birthday.
Grattis på födelsedagen, min älskade! : )

Saturday, November 16, 2013


A rainy November morning, a hot cup of coffee, and a story I have been waiting to tell since last summer.

It's a sad, fascinating story, and one of the reasons why we decided to visit Scotland last August. And it's also the story of the original Mijbil, the extraordinary creature that inspired the name of this blog.

There is a large peninsula between Loch Duich and Loch Hourn, on the coast of the West Highlands, directly facing the southern part of the Isle of Skye. No other way to get there other than a narrow, winding road that climbs over the Mam Ratagan Pass and descends to the sea (and to the ferry to Kylerhea, where another steep climb connects the coast to the main road that runs on the opposite side of Skye).

The traveller that reaches the peninsula can pass the tiny, peaceful village of Glenelg and follow the old military road until reaching a little bridge over a tumultuous torrent.

 From there, nothing but a path trough the forestry leads down to one of the most beautiful beaches of the West Highlands, Sandaig.

Sandaig was for many years the home and shelter of an extraordinary person and talented writer, the Scottish naturalist Gavin Maxwell. He lived there with his dog, his ducks, and some of the most amazing creatures of the animal realm - otters.
Mijbil was his first domestic otter, that he brought back from Iraqui marshes and kept as a pet - or a friend - until it was killed by a roadmender.

There is a strange, heartbreaking contrast between the light-hearted, amusing style of Maxwell's most famous book - The Ring of Bright Water - and the tragedy of his story. After many years of struggling, his remaining otters died in the fire that burned Camusfearna to the ground, and the writer himself died of cancer shortly after. 

We got to Sandaig (or Camusfearna) on a gloomy, rainy morning - just like today.
The place is said to be immensely beautiful on sunny days, when the light sparkles over the water and reveals the incredible colours of the beach. And still, the sight of the torrent under the rain, and the small rocky islands coming out of the sea, the misty mood and spectral silence were somehow a way to get closer the the wonder and melancholy of the place.

The house is no more - destroyed by the fire many years ago - but some older stone buildings still remain, half covered in grass.

But the Ring is still there - the point where the torrent bends right before joining with the sea, surrounding a portion of the beach that separates the green of the grass from the blue of the water.

We wandered on the beach, and then crossed the torrent barefoot to reach the islands while the tide was rising..

..and remained there in silence, finally looking at a place we read about so many times, and trying to imagine Gavin's otters playing between the waves.

Until, of course, the time came to climb back through the wood and up to the road and the car.

So, now you know the story of Mijbil the Otter, who lived his life between Iraq and Scotland and was the favourite companion of a brave, lonely adventurer.
One final note: there is still a little museum in Kyleakin devoted to Gavin Maxwell.
And if you want to know more about him and his story, "The Ring of Bright Water" is the book to read. 

Ps: these two final pics weren't taken in Scotland - among the many amazing creatures we saw last summer, there were unfortunately no wild otters - but in Skansen, Stockholm's open air animal park.

Wish you a lovely weekend,
big hugs,

Mijbil (the human)