Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent countdown + 7 new brilliant DIY calendar ideas!

Ladies and gentlemen (and fairies & foxes, and elves & fauns)..

..welcome to Mijbil Creatures' Advent Contdown, 2013 edition! 

Ok, I hope that sonded "official" enough. : )
Truth to be told, I am a bit late with some steps of this project, and I already know it will take a lot of extra work to provide a funny and inspiring series of post from hear to Christmas Night.. but I promise I'll do my best (and even work overnight if needed!)

And the first post of the month is actually dedicated to all of those who still haven't prepared their advent calendars. I am myself quite late, and I still need to gather about half of the candies&favours, but luckily enough my boyfriend is accustomed to receive his little gifts day by day - the main reason being that otherwise I doubt he'd resist the temptation to open them all at once! :D

So, if you are between those who haven't found the time yet to create an advent calendar, here are 8 simple-but-brilliant DIY ideas for you.

The keywords here were EASY - after all, it's a selection for those who struggle with the lack of time! - and BEAUTIFUL, so that your calendar can also become a part of your home decorations.

I hope you'll enjoy! : )

Beautiful crystal boxes from MrPrintables - they look fancy enough to be a decorative item in your living room, all the more so if you chose a modern style for your decorations and Christmas tree!
The pattern is free and can be downloaded here.
(I will print some of these for sure!)

A colourful miniatre forest from LoveFromGinger. So cute!
And if you don't have time to drill the wooden board, just print the 24 little trees and use them as tags on plain brown paper.. the result will still be awesome (and again, the download is free!)

Supplies needed for this calendar: a wooden branch, some ribbon and felt in different colours - but you could also cut out the diamonds from coloured cardboard. Easy and beatiful!
From TheSweetEscape.

Maybe slightly less easy, but funny if you have small kids: a miniature igloo village that will turn into an unique playset once the candies are gone.
Free printables and instructions from Meeha Meeha.

Again, if you are looking for something elegant, this could be a good option:
forest advent calendar from Bloesem Kids.
(from my experience in box making, I'd say that a certain precision is required in this case)

From La Maison De Loulou a brilliant idea (paper doilies pieces + white pen) to decorate little cardboard boxes. Estimaded time to finish it all: less than 10 minutes! : )

And finally, for those who are REALLY in a hurry.. cute and minimal printable tags from Lena Hanzel.
Just print them, cut around the edges, and use them to number your little gifts, whatever wrapping you used. Because sometimes less is more, expecially if you're in a rush! : )

I hope you liked this selection - and shouldn't this be enough, keep in mind that last year's calendar ideas are available too!

See you tomorrow for a special surprise, and thanks for stopping at Mijbil Creatures
for the 2013 advent countdown opening! : )


  1. What fabulous idea. I have never made an advent countdown before and I saw a number of ideas I loved, but I think I'd really like to have a go at the baby sock one from last year. Thanks for the great ideas. Now to find some cheap bright baby socks!

  2. They are beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. They are so lovely. My favourite is the one with doilies:)
    Have a great December:)

  4. Thank you for all the fantastic ideas :) I love the little brown boxes and the igloo village.
    Hugs Maria