Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fauns, squirrels and a consulting detective..

Exhausted and happy! : )

I got really beautiful news yesterday - the most important concerning my mother's health - and I suddenly felt like there's nothing I can't do. This boost of energy and motivation also resulted in me staying up until late night to finish a bunch of teeny tiny gingerbread houses and other Christmas miniatures - you'll see them in my shop very soon! - which therefore resulted in a persistent headache today. But it doesn't matter, really, I feel like I jst need to rush to keep up with all the ideas and projects I have in mind, and overall I am very satisfied with the pace I am keeping so far! : )

And now, the fauns and squirrels I promised you in the post's title! : )

The style is similar to these little fellows I sculpted last spring for a custom order. I used slightly colder colours, and of course the proportions are a bit different, since I started from two vinyl Micro Munnys this time. And also the details - lace scarves, holly tattoos in silver on their backs - give to the new fans a more winter-looking attitude. They have a pair of tiny squirrels as pets - a white squirrel for the turquoise faun, and vice versa for the other one. : )

They are both available in my Storenvy shop! : )

And there's one more tiny faun left to go.. :P
This one is much closer toi my usual size&style..

Just 8mm long (one third of an inch), and wearing the tiniest silk scarf.. he is available here in my shop!

And last but not least, a message to those of you who are also on Tumblr.
I am hosting a little giveaway over there, to celebrate my first 100 followers.
The price will be a miniature Smauglock in the style of my Hat Babies series.

But.. what's a Smauglock? - you might ask.. : )
Well, it's essentially a Tumblr creation. Since actor Benedict Cumberbatch is playing both Sherlock in the BBC series, and the dragon smaug in the next Hobbit movie, a crossover character was born from the fans, Smauglock the consulting dragon. Isn't he cute?

So, if yo are a Tumblr user and a Hobbit/Sherlock fan, feel free to join! All you have to do is reblog this Tumblr post (more information here).

Good luck, and see you soon with many more news! : )


  1. Wow! Os faunos e seus pequenos amigos são tão lindos!
    Eu mal posso acreditar em como é pequenino o centauro, maravilhoso!
    Esse 'giveaway' é realmente especial. ;)
    Um grande abraço.

  2. Hello from Spain: I am happy to read the good health of your mother. Your new mini creations are awesome. Keep in touch

  3. Quanto sono carini!
    Saluti, Faby

  4. I'm glad to read your mother's health is better! Your new creations are wonderful, delicate and so cute, I love all!!! Hugs

  5. I am glad to learn about your mother's health! Family, love and health are the most precious things we could ever have! Your new creations are darling! Please don't count me in for this one but I'll gladly put a link to your giveaway on my blog :)

  6. Lovely creations. So pleased to hear you have had positive news re your mother's health and you are feeling positive and motivated.

  7. me encantan todos los pequeños seres que eres capaz de crear , son impresionantes



  8. Stupendi come sempre! Ti ho fatto un po' di pubblicità, spero non ti dispiaccia: