Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pretty in pink

Just a very quick post to say "hi!"  : )

Many of you are artisans and miniaturists just like me, and those of you who run a shop already know that the weeks before Christmas can get a bit crazy & messy. And that's exactly what is going on at Mijbil Creatures! : )

Still, I am proud to announce that I will keep up the advent tradition, as I did the last years.
From December 1st up to Christmas, I will publish one post per day, featuring gift guides, Nordic photography, tutorials, recipes and artists that I love. And I'll try to share many inspiring ideas for your holiday decorations, greeting cards & yummy treats! : )

I have been working on this project for qite a long time, although of course there is still so much to do, and I hope you'll follow me in this adventure!

Also, the three pink fellows in the pics wanted to show up in the blog!
They all reached a new home already - the dragon anf the elf were bought from my shop, while the little puppy with the flower crown was a gift for someone special. : )

I miss them all already!

(and this is a pic of me, with crazy eyes and messy hair 
after a day of sculpting/painting/box making)  :D 


  1. I love the sound of your advent tradition and I am looking forward to following your blog through December.

  2. That's great! I'll follow you!

  3. Adorabili! Aspetto il tuo calendario dell'Avvento.E buon lavoro!!

  4. The dash of pink is lovely on such tiny creatures! I am looking forward to your December Advent Posting :)

  5. I am very glad that you are doing the advent calender again I am looking forward to it.
    Your little creatures are beautiful.I love the pink.
    Hugs Maria