Friday, November 1, 2013

The Hat Babies series

Hi everyone, I hope you had a fantastic Halloween! 

I have quite a lot of things to share today, and I am fairly sure that I am going to forget some.
Let's start from my new series of miniatures, that I am so excited about!

Actually, for quite a long time now I have had the rather frustrating feeling of being caught in a routine.
In the last weeks I have spent a lot of time barely restocking the best-selling products in my shop, and I started noticing how slowly my style was evolving. I felt like I had no more the courage to try new things, in fear of them being ignored or disliked by my customers.

And finally, I realized that this approach could not go on forever. : )
Don't get me wrong, I am still proud of all of the tiny creatures that were born in the last few years, but I also made the resolution to devote more time and effort to experimenting new things and styles.

And that's how the Hat Babies series was born! : )

I like these tiny figurines so much! They are all OOAK pieces, each wearing a different miniature hat: rabbit, panda, elf, Pierrot and cat. (the tiny Pierrot was actually inspired by this pic on Pinterest)

The making of these babies is considerably more complicated than my usual creations. They need to be baked 3 times before painting, and then painted with several layers of acrylics. I paint very thin layers to keep the surface nice and smooth, and then add the tiniest details after the last layer has dried. 

It's quite a long process, but I am really really happy with the final result - they are so much cuter in real life than in pics! : )

Here you can have a closer look to them:

SOme of these are already available in my Etsy shop, other will be up for sale soon! : )
Also, I took the chance for a little restyling, and this is how my shop looks right now:

Light and minimal.. what do you think about it? Approved or rejected? 

I kind of like the new theme, and I am seriously tempted to use it on the blog too.. on the other hand, I am also attached to the pink header&background I have now. It's been there since Mijbil Creatures was born, and I can't decide whether to change it or not.. any suggestion? : )

Oh, you might have noticed that the pics are a bit different from usual, and that's because I got this as a (wonderful) present from my dad:

A Canon EOS 7D with a whole set of amazing lenses!
The only problem is, I have no idea on how to properly use it! I have never owned a reflex before, and right now I feel like a little girl without a driving license trying to ride around a powerful and expensive car.. in other words, I am pretty much terrified! :D

And that is almost all for now. Two more things, namely..

..a WIP pic of the next generation of Hat Babies (yes, there are going to be more pixies, dragons and.. goats! :P )

..and a quick reminder of my squirrel tutorial & GIVEAWAY!
I will draw the lcky winner within a few days, so it might be your last chance to join! : )


  1. I applaud your willingness to change. I am a creature of habits too and I should be more adventurous! Your new creations are super cute! You should totally make more of those! The camera is such a great gift! Don't be afraid to explore! Enjoy your new present and happy photographing!

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful series of thumbnails. Keep in touch

  3. Nuove creazioni già pinnate... Quindi approvo alla grande la voglia di sperimentazione ^_^ caspita fai bene ad aver paura di quel mostro AHAHAH

  4. Ma come fai?!? Sono meravigliosi, tenerissimi, perfetti!!!

  5. Sono veramente adorabili. Quello con il cappellino rosso vince **

  6. I so understand where you come from about having the courage to try new things. I have found that has hindered my progress and I am trying to push myself to try new things. After all, what is the worse that can happen. I think we need to learn to do things more for ourselves than just for others. Anyway, your hat babies are adorable and I can't wait to see what other new creations you come up with. I am sure whatever you come up with they will be well appreciated by your followers.

  7. Your tiny hat babies are sooo cute. Your creations are always wonderful. Fantastic work. Enjoy your new camera and have fun :)
    Hugs Maria

  8. Soooo cute babies!! I love them! Enjoy your camera, it's absolutely great!! Hugs

  9. I loooove the tiny babies... Specially the one with the elf hat, it reminds me of a hat I have got, in purple with this pattern:) I love the look of your etsy, but for your blog... I think the one you have now is perfect... Enjoy your new camera, I'm sure you will learn how to use it properly, but meanwhile, your photos now are also great, so don't worry about that:)
    I can't wait to see the new babies:)
    Hugs, Candy:)