Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 scrumptious DIY Christmas favours recipes

Welcome back my dear friends, for a roundup post featuring the most beatiful and delicious Christmas recipes! : )

My selection aimed at including sweet treats that could brilliantly work as little gifts or favours for the holidays. Because handmade gifts are always the best gifts, because indulging in a home-baked delicacy is much healthier than eating mass-produced goodies, and because we all need some extra sweetness to afford the cold and darkness of winter nights. : )

So, for you to consider are 10 mouth-watering recipes that are also a pleasre for eyes.. which one are you going to try first?

Kayley McCabe from Just Between friends suggests an unexpected twist on caramel dipped apples. Her caramel dipped pears look absoltely stunning, and I am definitely going to make some using some cute tiny pears I bought at a local store. Tinier is always cuter, right? ; )

Boules de neige (snowballs) from Griottes (based on this recipe).
These little coconut balls would look lovely on a Christmas table, but can also be nicely wrapped for a delicious little gift!

At Raspberri Cupcakes you will find the recipe for the complete Christmas mess dessert, but you can also limit your kitchen experiments to the beautiful Christmas tree meringues - perfect both as cake ornaments or party favours!

Nutty coconut caramels from The Kitchen Prep.
I know what you are thinking. Do we really need an extra dose of sugar at the end of a holiday lunch?
Mmmm.. but it's caramel and coconut! How can you resist? :D

Fancy looking truffles from the last issue of Sweet Paul Magazine (page 12).
For your most elegant auntie! : )

A couple funny ideas: chocolate dipped teabag cookies from Le Pétrin..

...and miniature Russian mushroom cookies from Cooking Melangery.
Both projects are easy and incredibly cute for gift giving! : )

Two super quick projects for those who are always in a hurry (here I am!).
Candied orange peel from Closet Cooking - a treat that was never missing dring my childhood in Italy, and that can be made much more easily if you cheat a bit and buy candied peel quarters..

..and the most classic florentines.
Since I found them for the first time many years ago on Attic24, they have been a costant Christmas presence at home. But after so long, I still can't figure out why they are called "florentines", since as far as I know no one knows them in Italy, let alone Florence! : )

And finally, an Italian classic: torrone! : )
If you manage to find a good one from a store, go for it - but it's not usally such an easy task.
(Ok, quick confession: right now my boyfriend is in Tuscany for a conference, so there are good hopes that he will bring back to Sweden a nice stock of torrone, mandorlato and panpepato, lucky me!)
But if you feel brave enough to try this at home, here is a wonderful recipe from Delicious Days!

So, feelin' hungry already? ; )

See yo tomorrow, and I hope you'll have fun trying some of these recipes! : )




  1. Hello from Spain: very appetizing .. Keep in touch

  2. Just reading and looking at these yummy treats makes me want to go buy the ingredients and start preparing a few. I especially love the snowballs and the pears. Thanks for the links.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Oh my my my! I can feel the pounds coming on already! Such pretty and delicious looking treats! Thank you for sharing! xoxoxxx

  4. YUM! So many neat ideas. I love the little meringue trees and the shortbread tea bags are cute.

  5. Thank you for sharing so many yummy recipes! I love caramel so I might give those pears a try! And OMG torrone (almond nougats) are my absolute favorite sweets! I wished I could eat some freshly-made torrone!!!

  6. Meraviglia, una migliore dell'altra!! Grazie!!