Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 gift ideas under 12$

Who does not have a list of little gifts on a budget?

But no one wants to be boring, and you'll agree on the fact that a little artisan creation or an original art print can definitely outpace a more "traditional" pair of socks.. right?
So, here's a little collection of cute ideas from the net.. earrings and drawings, gadgets and brooches, all strictly under 12 $


Lasercut handpainted double brooch... awwww! : )
Mittens brooch - $11 at TheTwentyFingers

For readers, writers and of course for cat lovers! : )
Tiny kittens that can be used as pen holders, bookmarks or magnets.
Kitty pen holder - $6.95 on MochiThings

For readers #2: 
"Love Is A Book" art print - $10 from Nan Lawson 
(soon I'll write more about her work!)

Tiny, romantic and handmade! : )
Handmade felt heart brooch - $10 from Sweetkeetle

For tea lovers or just for people who like cool details. ; )
And perfect for red herbal infusions, such as rooibos or cherry tea.
Sharky tea infuser - $11.35 on Amazon

Above Knuckle set of 3 rings - $ 8.50 from LLI

Cute gold dipped earrings make a fashionable little gift! : )
Triangle studs - $10 from PetiteCo

A delicate art print
Deer - $12 by RiverLuna

Rustic material and modern design, the perfect match!
Leather Roses earrings - $10 from BijuBrill

Cute + inspirational + handmade = love!
Handprinted mini notebook -$9.74 from MI+ED design

Can be used as an embellishment for scarves, hats, bags.. or uded to create a custom jewerly piece.
Large Ceramic Button - $9 from BackBayPottery

And finally, the most girlish little necklace. : )
Olive Bow Tie - $11 from Fr33na

Ps: Many thanks to all those who shared the news about my mini Giveaway!
6 more days to join! : )


  1. unos detalles muy bonitos y originales , gracias por compartirlos



  2. Hello from Spain: Great proposals . Keep in touch

  3. Wonderful cute list. I love the kitten pen holder.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Ma grazie! Sto facendo un po' di post simili, segnalo subito questo tuo utilissimo post!

  5. What a nice surprise...:-) thank you for featuring my leather earrings on your beautiful blog! ♥