Friday, December 6, 2013

9 DIY Christmas projects

Hello my good friends!

Here in Sweden, we are in the middle of what is - apparently - the worst hurricane od the last 50 years.

Cold winds are blowing (the maximum speed is said to be about 200 km/h), while there isn't so much snow yet.. and still, it's the first snowfall of the season.

So, before facing the storm to get to the Post Office, I'll share with you some of my favourite Christmas craft projects. This first selection focuses mainly on ornaments, while the next one will feature handmade gifts, table decoration ideas etc.

My guidelines? Minimal, simple, with a Scandinavian touch.
I hope you'll enjoy! : )

In the first pic: mini holiday wreaths from The Sweetest Occasion.
They can be used as ornaments, placeholders, or even gift wrapping decorations. And they won't cost a thing! : )

Homemade garlands from Freutcake.
The most festive garlands made out of popcorns, cranberries, pinecones, cookies.. unexpensive and beautiful, and they can be sed to decorate windows and walls too!

Another wreath, this one with a rather distinctive Svedish style.
Lingonberry leaves and a white candle, and a super easy tutorial from Kreativ Inredning.

Quick handmade paper ornaments from Scandinavian Deko, with free printable templates.
They would look lovely on a silver/white/gold Christmas tree!

Ombre glass bubbles from Ambrosia Creative, so chic!
They'd look perfect if paired with..

..these gold dipped ornaments from Suburble. And if you create them at the same time, you can choose matching colours!

These delicate birch ornaments from Design Mom require more advanced tools, but I guess one could simplify the process by painting the snowflakes in white or brown acrylic paint. : )

Back to the easy and unexpensive stuff: gingerbread garland from Donna Hay.
The qick version of this projects consists of gluing some gingerbread cookies from the grocery store to a silk ribbon - I did it last year for my Christmas tree, and it worked greatly!

(and another alternative is the cinnamon sticks garland, like this one from Ruffled Blog)

And finally, my favourite project of them all: wonderful ice flowers from Berså.
Easy and completely free, they would look gorgeous in any winter garden.. as long as it's cold enough! :)

I hope you enjoyed this collection of DIY ideas!
And I'll finish with three posts from last years' Advent:

1) handmade gold dipped antlers tutorial
2) quick clay Christmas ornaments
3) and finally 11 easy DIY holiday projects

Have fun crafting, and see you tomorrow! :)


  1. muchas gracias por todas esas preciosas ideas y por los tutoriales



  2. Adesso il maltempo sta arrivando da noi al centro della Svezia...
    Belle le foto che hai messo via link sul blog di Elasti

  3. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I hope you'll have better weather soon! Stay warm inside if you can!

  4. Yup, I love your blog... these are all great!

  5. Hello from Spain: great Christmas projects ... Keep in touch

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  8. Oh how sweet, lovely, and fun!!! xoxoxxx