Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Hobbit addiction

Tonight I am finally going to see "The desolation of Smaug"! : )

I have always been a huge fan of both Tolkien's works and Peter Jackson's adaptations, and I much enjoyed the first Hobbit movie last year. And while I have to admit that many things from the movie are depicted in a quite different way from the way I always imagined them in my head (elves in particular), I can't deny that the final result is rather thrilling!

Have you already seen the second movie? What did you like the most?
I am so looking forward to see the dragon Smaug in action! : )

(ps: the guy in the pics above is the tiniest dragon I ever sculpted! 
As you can see, he is smaller than the head of a match! )

(the tiny dragons are available for adoption in my shop!)


  1. Oh my goodness that is the tiniest dragon I have ever seen! Such detail on such a itty bitty little guy. My husband surprised me and took me to the 2nd movie last weekend. I truly enjoyed it. The dragon in it, hands down, my favorite part. xoxoxxx

  2. Hello from Spain: the tiny dragons is fabulous!!! Lovely. Keep in touch

  3. I hope you enjoy the movie and it lives up to your expectations. I cannot believe the size of that little dragon. He's wonderful.

  4. non è vero....dimmi che non è vero :) è troppo piccolo piccolissimo!!!!! è adorabile! brava Mi1 :)
    augurissimi di buone feste cara