Thursday, December 12, 2013

..and Tivoli by night!

Tivoly by day is a winter paradise, but Tivoli by night.. a fairy realm! : )

And if you want to see how the park looks under a thick layer of snow, you can just browse last year's pics! : )

Bonus: my boyfriend & I under cascading lights!


  1. Hello from Spain: you and your boyfriend are a lovely couple. Nice pictures Christmas .. Keep in touch

  2. It's magnificent with all the lights! I don't think I have ever seen something so lovely when it comes to an amusement park! Your country sure knows how to make the season festive! Thanks for sharing your pics! And that's a beautiful pictures of you and your boyfriend! Ah to be young again! :)

  3. Is it really real? Photos are astonishing, brava! Marry Christmas to you and your boyfriend